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14 May 2005
'Stonerowing' experiment by the Stonehengineers

The Stonehengineers are a group of archaeologists, scientists and antiquarians investigating how Neolithic communities may have transported and erected large stones to produce megalithic monuments. They will be attempting a large-scale experiment this weekend 14/15 May at the National Tramway Museum, Crich, Derbyshire (England). It will be filmed by a TV production company and all are welcome.
     Saturday will be devoted to 'stonerowing' a ten ton block several hundred yards up a gradient similar to those between the Marlborough Downs and Stonehenge using a team of ten or twelve people. Time allowing, Sunday will be devoted to constructing a wooden tower, rowing the block onto it and perhaps dropping it vertically to confirm calculations in advance of a larger event next month.

Source: BritArch mailing list (13 May 2005)

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