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24 February 2008
Iran's Kelar mound dated to 4000 BCE

Oxford scientists have determined the exact date of Iran's northern site of Kelar Mound by studying ancient coal and bone samples. Although many archeologists believed that the area was not older than the Iron Age, Carbon 14 studies dated the mound to more than 6000 years ago.
     Former Archeological excavations had yielded numerous caves, havens and ancient sites, which showed the historical evolution of human life.  There are still five more meters to reach the site's oldest stratums and future stratigraphy projects will most possibly date the mound to an older time.
     Located in Iran's northern Mazandaran Province, Kelar Mound is one of the country's most important sites which can reveal many archeological facts about the southern Coast of the Caspian Sea.

Source: Press TV (23 February 2008)

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