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22 October 2012
Ancient tomb found at 'Sweden's Stonehenge'

The Ale's Stones (Ales stenar) is a megalithic monument sometimes referred to as 'Sweden's Stonehenge', overlooking the sea in southern Sweden. The 67 metre long site consists of 59 large sandstone boulders weighing about 1.8 tonnes each and arranged in the shape of a ship.
     According to Scandinavian folklore, a legendary king named King Ale lies buried there. Now, Swedish archaeologists have found what they believe is an imprint of a portal tomb believed to be over 5,000 years old, near the Ales stones. The archaeologists also found a flint scraper tool. Bjorn Wallbom, of the Swedish National Heritage Board, said that the find to some extent rewrites the history of the place.

Edited from The Local (15 October 2012)

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