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6 August 2013
Prehistoric flint tools found at Cornish site

The grounds surrounding a historic property in Cornwall (England) have been excavated during the past two weeks as part of a festival by the Council of British Archaeology.
The National Trust at Godolphin House teamed up with Cornwall Council's Historic Environment Service to conduct 'I Dig Godolphin', which focused on the manor house's surrounding orchards. A team of archaeologists and volunteers managed to uncover several artefacts, including a Bronze Age flint tool.
     Students from Pool Academy helped with brushing, washing and packing the finds. Ms Rescorla added: "We've had a great time at the property over the past two weeks, we've answered a lot of questions about Godolphin, and also created many new ones."

Edited from This is Cornwall (2 August 2013)

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