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2 September 2014
Neolithic site discovered in central China

Archaeologists in central China's Henan province have excavated a large neolithic settlement complete with moats and a cemetery.
     The Shanggangyang Site covers an area of 120,000 square metres, beside a river in Zhengzhou, the provincial capital. The site dates 5,000 to 6,000 years back to the Yangshao culture, widely known for its advanced pottery-making technology.
     The site features two defensive moats surrounding three sides. Researchers have found relics of three large houses as well as 39 tombs, suggesting several generations resided there.
     Excavation has offered a glimpse into the life in the tribe, including the use of pits to store food or bury rubbish. Researchers also found a variety of crockery wares, including pots, kettles, cups and other tools.

Edited from China Daily (29 August 2014)

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