Access to the sites

Many megalithic monuments are unrestricted, while the opening hours of the few with admission charges do vary slightly from site to site and according to the time of the year. It is safe to assume that a monument with charges, in care of conservation institutions, will be open from Monday to Saturday and often part of Sunday during main daylight hours. A few of them, especially in Wales, operate under the key keeper system by which the key may be collected from a nearby shop or house.
  For sites on private land, ususally owners request that visitors should ask them or make special arrangements before visiting. It is of course vital that visitors to any monument take special care to fasten gates.
A guide to the accessibility of each site is given by the following:

Unrestricted: Access at any reasonable time, free of charge
On private land: Ask permission to visit
Restricted: Without full public access or limited by opening hours and/or entry charge
Not allowed: No right of way to the site

We are trying to give you information as reliable as possible. Please write us if you find any discrepancy in our descriptions.