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District : Sutherland Map
Town or village : Borgie List
Grid Reference : NC 715 590 Glossary
Period : 3rd millennium BC Bibliography
Coille na Borgie South
(Coillenaborgie South)

Coille na Borgie South image

This 72m long chambered cairn lies on a terrace above the Borgie river in Sutherland (Highlands). The chamber, now roofless (the hole visible in the foreground of the photo) is divided into compartments by pairs of upright slabs.
The widest and highest part of the cairn is where the chamber is. There are traces of a forecourt at either end (the so-called 'horns'). The set of six upright stones marking the northern façade is unique in the North of Scotland.
A similar but much more ruined cairn (Coille na Borgie North) lies 10 metres to the north. Among the several other long cairns nearby, the Skelpick one (NC 722 567) is particularly impressive.