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Cuween Hill

Cuween Hill image

On a hillside, with extensive views to the East and North, there is this low mound (2.6m high and 16.8m in diameter), covering a Neolithic chambered tomb. The roofed passage is 3m long and only 0.8m high.
The 3m long passage enters a central, rectangular chamber. In each side of the chamber is a small opening leading to a cell. The south one (on the left side of the photo) is divided in two. As seen in the photo, the walling is very well built, mainly with thin slabs. The lower part of it is vertical, but the upper courses oversail slightly as they rise.
During excavations in 19th century, the skeletons of eight human beings and a lot of animal bones were found. On the floor of the main chamber there were also the skulls of 24 dogs (a probable totemic feature, as sea eagles at Isbister).
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