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Jarlshof image

A very interesting complex of ancient buildings on the southern tip of Shetland. A journey through the millennia from the remains of Bronze and Iron Age settlements to a 16th century laird's house.
The earliest buildings, dated about 2400 BC, comprise some small oval houses at the east end of the site. A fine decorated bone plaque was found here, along with a lot of stone tools. Among them, a club which was maybe used for killing seals and a cleaver for cutting whale blubber.
Then there are a Bronze Age smithy and an Iron Age broch and village of round houses (the photo shows one of these Iron Age houses: the trapdoor on the left leads to one of the two small souterrains of the site).
The later buildings comprise remains of four wheelhouses, a Norse settlement, a Medieval farm and a 16th century laird's house.
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