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Period : 2nd millennium BC Bibliography

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This site lies in a magnificent position, on a terrace overlooking Loch Craignish (Argyll). It consists of two cairns, a tall standing stone and the remains of an enclosure.
The two most recognizable features of the site are the larger cairn and the standing stone (in the photo). The former is 15.5m in diameter, but neither its kerb of stones (graded in size with the largest lying on the south and west) nor its 'false portal' are now visible.
The cairns were excavated in 1959-60. Under the larger one a cist was found. It contained cremated bones and carbonised wood. Among the cairn material, mussel and cockle shells, the teeth of oxen and sheep, six fluted jet beads and a bronze buckle were found.
The standing stone is an impressive 4m tall pillar situated between the two cairns. It fell down in the winter 1978-79 and was re-erected. That occasion showed that 1m of the stone was below ground. Before it fell, it was aligned north-north-east and south-south-west. The site had probably an astronomical significance.
The slight remains of a circular enclosure are situated 18m north-west of the standing stone.