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Town or village : Kilmartin List
Grid Reference : NR 830 984 Glossary
Period : 2nd millennium BC Bibliography
Nether Largie North

Nether Largie North image

This bowl-shaped mound is between Nether Largie Mid and Glebe cairns in a line along the Kilmartin Valley (Argyll).
The cairn is 2.7m high and about 20m in diameter. It covers a central cist now accessible through a roof hatch. The cist measures 1.6m x 0.65m and is 0.6m deep.
The underside of the cist's capstone is decorated with about 40 cupmarks and 10 axehead markings. The inner face of one of the end-slabs bears two axeheads.
During excavations in 1930, only a human molar tooth, a little ochre and a few fragments of charcoal were found in the cist. Another grave (an oval pit) is 3.3m north-east of the cist.
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