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Nether Largie South

Nether Largie South image

Probably the earliest of the several cairns built in a line along the Kilmartin Valley (Argyll). It is a circular mound between 27m and 34m (originally 40m) in diameter and over 4m high.
At the centre of the cairn, as seen in the photo, there is Clyde-type chamber (a tomb with a forecourt of upright stones) with the entrance to the north-east. It is built of massive slabs and drystone walling and is subdivided into four compartments.
The chamber measures 6m x 1.2m. During excavation in 1864 fragments of Neolithic and Beaker pottery were found. Some arrowheads, human and bovine bones were also found there.
Within the cairn material there were also two later cists.
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