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Grid Reference : NM 907 289 Glossary
Period : 2nd millennium BC Bibliography
(Diarmaid's Pillar and Grave, Clach Diarmid)

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An impressive standing stone and a small kerbed cairn on the north side of the road through Glen Lonan, east of Oban.
The Bronze Age cairn, 4.5m in diameter, was originally kerbed by 15 boulders of which 12 survive. They are up to 1.3m high.
The granite monolith is 3.8m high and 4m in girth. It is also traditionally called Diarmaid's Pillar, after the mythical Irish hero, who is said to have hunted boar in these parts.
Some 180m to the north is a fine stone circle (NM 906 291) of 31 rounded boulders, about 20m in diameter.