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From March 27th to April 9th, 2000 we made a tour of Apulia (the 'heel' of our boot-shaped country). This is the Italian region with the highest concentration of dolmens and standing stones.

On this website you will find an online travel diary, which was updated in real time. Armed with hi-tech equipment, we have tried to link to computers around the world, and have let you follow our tour, interact with archaeologists and experts, view images from the journey, and learn about the ancient Apulian monuments.

Have a look at our diary, and discover with us the most beautiful megaliths of Italy, the astonishing and rather mysterious octagonal castle of Castel del Monte built by emperor Federico II, the splendid Romanesque churches in the provinces of Bari and Lecce. And many other wonderful monuments, along with the delicious local food and wine :-)

If you need any additional information about megalithic monuments and other European ancient sites, please have a look at our Stone Pages website.

Final update: April 12, 2000


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