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On this page we present a selected choice of books about megalithic sites and other prehistoric subjects. As they are all quite hard to find in usual bookshops, we give you the opportunity to buy them on-line through the Earth's biggest bookstore:

Just click on the title you are interested on, and you will be transported to the Amazon's Web page relative to that book, where you may find reviews, the actual price (in most cases at 10-30% off list price) and the possibility to buy it on-line through a secure server.

Please note that all the books listed here are usually shipped in 1-3 days. will be responsible for all customer service, including payment processing, ordering, shipping, order status reports and even returns of any kind. If you have any questions about your orders or using the system, please visit their Web site.

If you need any suggestion on the best books about megaliths, follow this sign:. That means it is a book we keep on our own bookshelves.

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