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Fontanaccia (13/9/2000)September 17

The last part of our tour of Corsica: some of the most striking stone alignments, tall menhirs armed with daggers and swords, very interesting prehistoric fortified settlements (set on rocky spurs often quite hard to reach). But also more recent archaeological beauties, like Punic bracelets and Attic cups, and lovely Romanesque churches. Here you can also find our little Corsican zoo and a funny guide on how to get lost in the brushwood.

Filitosa (11/9/2000)September 13

Four days full of Corsican megaliths, but also a little bit of Ajaccio, the capital of the island and the town where Napoleon Bonaparte was born. Another demanding walk though the brushwood (we are starting feeling like wild boars...) an in-depth visit to the well known site of Filitosa and a friendly meeting with Mr Jean-Dominique Cesari, director of the Prehistoric Centre at Filitosa.

Albertacce (9/9/2000)September 9

Another three days meeting statue-menhirs with enigmatic eyes (and big ears indeed!)... Breathtaking views on mountains and bays... Another demanding walk in thick brushwood looking for dolmens (with huge capstones to be measured)... Litres of lemonade (instead of wine)... And at last a bit of rest at the seaside!

Pieve (6/9/2000)September 6

Love at first sight: for us - tireless megalithic travelers - Corsica represents a fabulous surprise. Discover with us a beautiful dolmen set in a very remote place (very hard to find but well worth the effort). Or the strange standing stones with human faces carved on them. And what about the magnificent churches? And of course the Corsicans: gold-hearted people still immune from the rat-race. And the food: delicious!

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