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  • Megalithic Tombs of the Netherlands & Europe  pop  - Good selection of ancient megalithic tombs (mainly dolmens) from Belgium, Poland, Italy, Ireland, France, Britain, Portugal and Spain. With photos and large scale maps. (Hits: 3200)
  • ArtePreistorica - Portal open to members (access is free) with articles, images and information about prehistoric art. In Italian and English. (Hits: 1695)
  • Bronsålder i Norrköping - Website of the association Bronze Age in Norrköping, showing also the Rock carving Museum at Himmelstalund, in the second largest rock carving area in Sweden. In English and Swedish. (Hits: 1509)
  • Das Vermächtnis (The Heritage) - Megalithic monuments in Germany and Great Britain, visited and described by Andreas Erlenkötter. In German. (Hits: 1845)
  • Heks van de esp - Extensive collection of photos and basic info on megalithic tombes in Northern Netherlands, To access the resource, browse the left menu "weeromvindings" ---> Hunebedden ----> Foto's and more information. (Hits: 1382)
  • Liste Mégalithes - A series of images and detailed information about megalithic monuments in France, Spain and Malta. In French. (Hits: 1888)
  • Megalithes - Descriptions of megalithic sites in France (mainly Brittany) and Great Britain. With photos and maps. In French. (Hits: 1637)
  • Megalithic Portal - One of the best resources about megaliths you can find on the Net, by Andy Burnham with the help of more than 1,000 members. It contains the famous "Megalith Map" covering U.K. and Ireland and includes a huge collection of images of many of the sites, contributed by the portal's visitors. It's also a news site, and offers a forum, a searchable database, a downloads section and an online shop. Highly recommended. (Hits: 2043)
  • Megalithic Visions - Basic website with thoughts about prehistoric megalithic culture in Europe. Information and impressive 3D movie of a passage grave near Luebeck (Germany). (Hits: 1230)
  • Megalithics - The most extensive collection of panoramic (full spherical) movies of megalithic sites of Great Britain and Ireland. Simple but effective presentation, top quality images and movies, descriptions with high precision GPS measurements of the sites' positions. By Maggie and Keith Davison. (Hits: 1649)
  • Megaliths in Western Europe - Some of the best megalithic sites from Brittany to Greece, including Barnenez, Skara Brae, Tyrins, Malta and the Nuraghi in Sardinia. (Hits: 1913)
  • Mike Kinley's Web Site - Mike Kinley's British (and Irish) high-resolution archaeological and ancient site photographs. An eclectic collection from a graduate archaeologist. (Hits: 1613)
  • Modern Antiquarian - A massive and excellent resource for news, information, images and folklore on the ancient sites across of the UK & Ireland. Based on Julian Cope's guidebook and constantly enlarged thanks to the efforts of all those who contribute. Great user interface and dynamic presentation, tons of photos and comments, lively forum and weblog, powerful search engine, timely news and an astonishing "Techno Map Browser". You can't miss this website! (Hits: 1511)
  • Of Stonehenge pyramids and man - A new and unique theory on the movement and erection of heavy stones. Results of practical experiments. (Hits: 1531)
  • Old Albion - A tour describing some of the ancient and sacred landscapes of Great Britain and Ireland. Basic information, a few photos, glossary and bibliography. (Hits: 1283)
  • Places of Peace and Power - Anthropologist and National Geographic photographer Martin Gray has visited and photographed more than 1000 sacred sites in 80 countries around the world. With several truly excellent photographs of megalithic sites in Europe and elsewhere, with descriptions and basic maps. (Hits: 1351)
  • Places of Pilgrimage - Website devoted to the places of Pilgrimage: megalithic sites (about 30 monuments), holy wells, labyrinths, sacred sites and shrines of every kind. Very good pictures with no descriptions; virtual visits on CD-ROMs and bibliography. (Hits: 1553)
  • Prehistoric Standing Stones - Pictures of particular Irish sites, like Ballynoe and Beaghmore, plus other photos of much more famous monuments like Newgrange (Ireland) and Callanish on the Isle of Lewis (Scotland). (Hits: 1582)
  • Prähistorie (Prehistory) - Megalithic tombs and menhirs in Germany, France, and Luxembourg, Neolithic flintstone-mining (in German) (Hits: 1310)
  • Steinkreise - On this website you can find info on stone circles, dolmens and standing stones from Great Britain, Ireland, Germany, France, Belgium and Holland. Many photos, descriptions, directions on how to get to the sites, maps, newsletter. In German and English. (Hits: 1755)
  • Stone-struck - Megalithic tombs, stone circles and standing stones from the British Isles, Denmark, Sweden and Brittany. Good selection of sites with basic descriptions. (Hits: 1734)
  • Stones: What does the stone speak to me? - A japanese travelogue describing a selection of megalithic sites in Scotland and Ireland. Brief personal descriptions along with a series of images. (Hits: 1459)
  • Tina's Stones - Good quality photos with clear and concise descriptions of a wide selection of megalithic monuments from England, Malta, Portugal, Sardinia, France, the Isle of Man, Spain, Ireland and Scotland. (Hits: 1614)
  • Tschumi's megalith page - Swiss megalithomaniac Daniel Reichmuth describes in a funny and pleasant way the megaliths he has visited in ten years of travels all around Europe. In German. (Hits: 1708)

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