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  • Cairn de Gavrinis  pop  - A 6,000-year old tomb with fantastic rock carvings. Elegant and extensive website in French with in-depth articles, plans, photos, opening times and bibliography about this very interesting megalithic site located into the Morbihan gulf (Brittany). (Hits: 3834)
  • Dolmen de Bagneux  pop  - Website devoted to the biggest French dolmen. Nice presentation with pictures, maps and a form for reservation. In French. (Hits: 3408)
  • Dolmens & Menhirs de Lozère et d'Ardèche  pop  - On these two French regions is a high concentration of ancient monuments, including almost 1,200 dolmens and 350 standing stones. Many photos, concise descriptions in English and French, some maps. (Hits: 2997)
  • Megaliths of Carnac  pop  - Alignments, stone circles, standing stones, etc. of the the extraordinary Carnac area in Brittany. By Vicky Sherwood. (Hits: 4023)
  • A hike in the site of Bondons - A stroll near the village of Bondons in the French department of Lozère. A lot of menhirs have been restored there. (Hits: 1210)
  • Ancient Corsica Tour - Extensive online tour of Corsica, with thorough descriptions of prehistoric monuments of this mysterious isle of the Mediterranean sea. Information, maps, message board, pictures and 360-degree panoramic movies of 33 Corsican megalithic sites. (Hits: 1876)
  • Cave of Chauvet-Pont d'Arc - One of the most striking caves with walls painted in prehistoric times but discovered only a few years ago. Website by the French Ministry of Culture with in-depth information and good collections of images. (Hits: 2267)
  • Cave of Cussac - The prehistoric cave of Cussac was discovered in 2000 in the Dordogne Valley. With hundreds of Paleolithic engravings dating to over 22,000 years ago, it can be considered as the "Lascaux of engraving", in reference to the most famous decorated cave in France. Photos, maps, details of the discovery. (Hits: 1962)
  • Cave of Lascaux - The most famous cave with painted walls. Website by the French Ministry of Culture, with extensive information, photos, virtual visits, learning activities and bilbiography. (Hits: 2149)
  • Dolmens & Menhirs de Quercy - On the Quercy/Lot areas there are about 800 dolmens; on this website you can find a fairly good selection of sites with photos, large-scale maps and bilbiography. In French. (Hits: 2045)
  • Dolmens et Stèle de Banne - Near Banne (Ardèche) you can find 25 dolmens and a statue-stele spread around two necropolis; information and photographs of the main monuments. In French. (Hits: 1460)
  • Dolmens, menhirs & cromlechs - Three beautiful photographs of the dolmens of Toucou, Costa-Caouda and Pouget, in the Herault region. By Frédéric Daniau. In French. (Hits: 1779)
  • Groupe de Recherches Historiques en Provence - The Group for Historical Research in Provence was set up in 1994 by volunteers. On this elegant website you can find an extraordinary catalogue of megalithic sites of the Alpes-Maritimes region, with photos, plans and descriptions. There is also a complete bilbiography and detailed info on works carried on 5 dolmens of the Haute-Siagne valley. In French with some sections in English. (Hits: 1641)
  • Megalithis: Mégalithes de Charente-Maritime - Extensive gazetteer of megalithic monuments of the Charente-Maritime region, with many photograph and a curious section with old postcards of megaliths. In French. (Hits: 1830)
  • Megaliths of Bas-Léon - Basic website presenting the megaliths of Bas-Léon, a region situated to the west of Brest, in Brittany. Several maps, photos with descriptions of the sites, glossary, bilbiography. (Hits: 1509)
  • Mosa - Archéologie en terre d'Ardenne - Website devoted to the archaelogy in Ardenne (between France and Belgium) from the Paleolithic to the Middle Age. Thorough descriptions of Paleolithic sites, photos and info on megalithic monuments and findings, along with maps and drawings. In French. (Hits: 1384)
  • Mégalithes d'Anjou - Description of a series of megalithic sites, including the biggest French dolmen at Bagneux. In French. (Hits: 1464)
  • Mégalithes de Causses et de Cévennes - Website devoted to Languedoc prehistory with images of dolmens, statues-menhirs, stone circles and standing stones. Concise descriptions in English and French. (Hits: 1538)
  • Mégalithes de Lanvaux - Some megalithic monuments of Brittany: dolmens, standing stones, allées couvertes, with photos. In French. (Hits: 1491)
  • Mégalithes en Morbihan - Website developed for the French Ministry of Culture, excellent graphics, many information on the famous megalithic sites of the Morbihan region, including Carnac, Gavrinis, Locmariaquer and Le Petit-Mont. In French. (Hits: 1752)
  • Mégalithes en Terres Cathares - Within a virtual journey through the Cathars land, an interesting section on megaliths (mainly dolmens) with descriptions and photos. In French. (Hits: 1835)
  • Prehisto, l'homme préhistorique - Almost everything about prehistory: tools, everyday life, arts, glossary, researchers, megaliths... With a rich guide of prehistoric sites all around France. In French. A great job by Roger Chrétien. (Hits: 1729)
  • Prehistoric Périgord - Sites, museums and practical info to discover the prehistory of this beautiful French area. In French and some sections in English, German and Portuguese. (Hits: 1761)
  • Pyreneans Megaliths - Megaliths in France are not only in Brittany: thanks to this website, you can also discover the hundreds of dolmens and stone circles in the South of France, in the Western Pyrénées. In French and English. By Claude Lantz. (Hits: 1959)
  • Sites archéologiques de Kerguntuil - Several megalithic sites of Trégor (Côtes d'Armor, Brittany). Many interesting photos of dolmens, standing stones and allées couvertes. In French. (Hits: 1609)

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