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  • Ancient Stones  pop  - A personal photoguide to the stone circles of Britain. Elegant presentation with good quality images and very useful directions for finding the lesser known sites. (Hits: 2943)
  • Aenigmatis - On this website you can find almost a hundred Neolithic, Bronze Age and Iron Age sites in England, Scotland and Wales, with clear descriptions and good quality photos. Also thorough studies on astronomical orientation of ancient sites in Wales and Scotland. (Hits: 2064)
  • Alastair's other stone circle pages - These pages cover a selection of about 35 megalithic sites across England, Scotland and Wales. The emphasis is to bring to the web images and texts about the more obscure circles and standing stones which few people have heard of. (Hits: 1775)
  • Ancient Places - Website devoted to Neolithic monuments of all sorts. This site includes info and photos of some sites in Cornwall and parts of Scotland (mainly in Argyll and Dumfries and Galloway). (Hits: 1769)
  • Ancient Sites - Selection of ancient megalithic monuments from England, Scotland and Wales; brief descriptions and several photos for each site. (Hits: 1974)
  • Ancient Sites Directory - Enjoyable and frequently updated guide to prehistoric monuments around Great Britain. Details of how to find them and a useful glossary. By Chris Tweed. (Hits: 1745)
  • Archaeological Monuments, Antiquities and Oddities - Extensive set of megalithic sites in England and Wales, each one with a good description and several hi-quality images. Recommended also for the excellent panoramic photos (very effective even if they are still images). (Hits: 1749)
  • Archaeological Pictures - Over a hundred pictures of some megalithic sites in England and Scotland. Concise descriptions and good quality photos. (Hits: 1682)
  • Brian Kerr Photography - On this website you can find a good selection of images of British rock art sites. The regions covered are Dumfries & Galloway, Cumbria, Northumberland and Yorkshire. Very evocative photos with dramatic skies and a clever usage of the flash to enhance the carvings. (Hits: 495)
  • Britain Express - Ancient Britain - Ancient Britain travel and heritage guide, including an A-Z gazetteer of ancient sites in England and Wales, feature articles, and visitor information. (Hits: 1637)
  • British Rock Art Collection - An extensive and well-organized photo gallery of prehistoric rock art sites in the UK, grouped per Land and County/Council. Good quality and large size images with basic descriptions; (Hits: 1062)
  • Earth Room - A family picture album with a small selection of images of British prehistoric sites. (Hits: 1446)
  • Grobius Shortling Web Page - Observations on British stone circles, with good descriptions and a selection of photographic images. (Hits: 1410)
  • Head Heritage - As well as covering Julian's musical activities, the Head Heritage site offers an interactive gazetteer to a great deal of megalithic sites mentioned in his book the Modern Antiquarian. (Hits: 1494)
  • Liminae - A personal website with a mixture of megalithic and historic monuments. Concise descriptions and very good photos of standing stones, stone circles, henges and stone rows of England and Scotland. (Hits: 1575)
  • Megalithia - Stone Search - Very interesting website with a database of over 1200 megalithic sites. Search them by name, area. Latitude and longitude values are also given for UK sites, for GPS users and archaeo-astronomers. Complete details of grid reference and some description and images of the main British, Irish and Carnac (Brittany) megalithic sites. (Hits: 1739)
  • Megalithic Mysteries - From Orkney to Cornwall, over 100 photographs and descriptions of the most interesting and picturesque British standing stones, stone circles and stone rows. By Andy Burnham. (Hits: 1533)
  • Megalithic Walks - Many megalithic sites are in beautiful settings making them very pleasant to visit and explore, and these pages describe days out visiting such locations in the U.K.. Well organized, pleasant presentation with good quality photos and descriptions. (Hits: 1379)
  • Megaliths and Mysteries - Two photo galleries about a selection of British megalithic sites and landscape figures, with descriptions and a funny section devoted to "megalithic cartoons". (Hits: 1458)
  • Paul's Stone Circle Data Base - These pages contain lots of useful information on a hundred stone circles across the UK. Details on how to get to them, quality of the site, excavation findings and astronomical data are all included. (Hits: 1520)
  • Rock Art in the British Landscape - Website dedicated to prehistoric open-air abstract Rock Art in England, Scotland and Wales; by two dutch enthusiasts: Gus van Veen & Jan Brouwer. Good collection of photos, articles, location maps and an open forum. (Hits: 1410)
  • Rock Art in the British Landscape - Beautiful and amusing website on rock art in Great Britain. During their field trips in Northumberland, West Yorkshire, Argyll, Galloway and Tayside, two Dutch friends have collected a big amount of info on rock art. Not only beautiful pictures, but also interesting pages on the meaning of motifs, dating rock art, useful books, links, etc. By Jan Brouwer and Gus Van Veen. (Hits: 1485)
  • Scientific Circles of Stones - The main intention of this page is to introduce you to the complex minds of what was once perceived a simple society. While the stone circles builders may not have held the same concepts of astronomy and geometry as we do today, it is obvious that they utilised, to the best of their ability, basic theories on 'true' circle production and celestial alignments. (Hits: 1410)
  • Stonecentric - Photo gallery of ancient monuments, with comments. Mostly W and SW Scotland, but also featuring the Stones mailing list trip to Avebury. (Hits: 1479)
  • Stones - Beautiful gallery of English and Scottish megaliths, plus Seahenge and a couple of sites in Malta. By Pat O'Halloran. (Hits: 1393)
  • Stones in Fields - Personal and humorous view of some of the most famous prehistoric sites of Britain. Descriptions, photos and some interesting personal evaluations like chill, wow and lazyness factors. (Hits: 1646)

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