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  • 360° Portugal  pop  - Impressive website containing more than 800 panoramic movies of Portuguese and Spanish sites. On the "Megalithic" section are 11 megalithic monuments including Standing Stones, Dolmens and Stone Circles. With plans, info and text in English. (Hits: 3592)
  • Arte Sureño - El arte rupestre del extremo sur de la Península Ibérica  pop  - Extensive website devoted to the rupestrian art of the southern part of the Cadiz region (Spain). Many photos and computer-enhanced images of paintings found on over 170 caves, information, news, basic bilbiography. By the Asociación Gaditana para el Estudio y la Defensa del Patrimonio Arqueológico. In Spanish. (Hits: 4138)
  • Megalitismo de la Península Ibérica  pop  - On this website you can find an extensive collection of pictures and descriptions of megalithic sites of the Iberian peninsula, including their exact position calculated with GPS units. Distribution maps, bilbiography, info on destruction of ancient sites and a series of interesting articles make this website a real gem for "megalithomaniacs" interested in the monuments of the region. (Hits: 3996)
  • Archaeology of Minorca - Exensive website describing the ancient monuments of Menorca (Spain). Very good photos and descriptions; Spanish text with an English section not yet completed. (Hits: 2180)
  • Arcis - Megaliths of Catalonia - Very good guide of dolmens, menhirs (standing stones) of Catalonia, in Spain. Dozens of sites with descriptions, photographs and old pictures. In Spanish, Catalan and English. (Hits: 2165)
  • Arqueo-Balear: Guìa on-line de la Prehistoria - Very good website on prehistoric monuments, tower-like constructions (talaiots) and walled villages in the isle of Mallorca. Lots of info (even GPS coordinates). In Spanish. By Felipe Sánchez-Cuenca. (Hits: 1856)
  • Arqueologia de Menorca - Megalithic graves, sanctuaries, settlements, talayots etc. in Minorca, Balearic Islands. In Catalan, Spanish and English (English version under construction: some links cannot be operative). By Ferran Lagarda i Mata. (Hits: 1643)
  • Arqueoloxía e Ecoloxía do Fenómeno Megalítico Galego - Website of the Study Group of the Departamento de Historia I. Facultade de Xeografía e Historia (Santiago de Compostela), with many information on excavations and projects devoted to Galician megalithic sites. In English and Galician. (Hits: 1821)
  • Arquideia! - Standing stones, stone circles and dolmens of Portugal. Built by a group of students of the University of Lisbon. In Portuguese. (Hits: 1883)
  • Arte Rupestre en Extremadura - Extensive descriptions with pictures of three rupestrian rock art sites in Estremadura (Spain). In Spanish. (Hits: 1597)
  • Balearic Prehistoric Archaeology - An active research and excavational programme in the Spanish Balearic island of Mallorca for the last 40 years. (Hits: 1771)
  • Celtiberia - Extensive and well organized website devoted to the prehistory, proto-history and history (up to the Middle Age) of the Iberian penisnula. This site collects in-depth information from a wide range of users on many - and very interesting - ancient sites, located especially on the northern part of the country. Very good images and useful comments are another plus of Celtiberia: a community not to be missed by anyone interested in ancient Iberia. In Spanish. (Hits: 846)
  • Dolmen de Antelas - Description of the excavation, the structure, the rock paintings (direct dated 3625-3140 BC) and the ritual uses of a magnificent Portuguese dolmen. In Portuguese. (Hits: 1819)
  • Dolmenes y menhires - On this website you can find thorough information on the most beautiful ancient monuments of Extremadura (Spain). With many photos, descriptions, drawings and plans, including some sites in Portugal and France. One of the sections describes 7 walks to dolmens and standing stones of Extremadura, with detailed directions and some GPS readings. In Spanish. (Hits: 1259)
  • El Pedroso: a mountain sanctuary in Spain - Brief description with pictures of two archaeological sites on an isolated granite mountain close to the border between Portugal and Spain: a Copper Age walled enclosure containing a number of circular houses, an arrowhead workshop and the remains of a tower, and a decorated cave on the lower slope. (Hits: 1892)
  • Freixo de Numão - Descriptions of precincts (a wide category that inlcudes henges) in the Alto Douro, Portugal, important for the post-Palaeolithic prehistory of the region. Some of them are being studied by a team based in the village of Freixo de Numão. (Hits: 1595)
  • Galicia Guide - On the 500 page web guide about Galicia in northern Spain there is one interesting page devoted to the dolmen at Axeitos. (Hits: 739)
  • GEMA: Grupo de Estudos do Megalitismo Alentejano - Very nice and elegant presentation of the megalithic monuments of Alentejo (Portugal), including detailed distribution maps, photos, descriptions, plans of some of the sites. Also on the website a Forum, bibliography and some very interesting articles on megalithic sites of the area. In Spanish, with some articles in English. Highly recommended. (Hits: 1670)
  • Itinerari megalitic a l'Albera (Capmany-Agullana) - Description of a walk and a visit to four megaliths in Catalonia (Spain): Pedra del Sacrificis, Barraca del Lladre, Menhir del Quer Afumat and Dolmen del Quer Afumat. With maps, photos and educational activities. In Catalan. (Hits: 1663)
  • Las Rutas de los Dolmenes de Navarra - Simple but very interesting presentation of a series of more than 30 walks through the dolmens of Navarra. Detailed maps, thorough descriptions, photos and plans of the sites. Highly recommended to anybody visiting that region. In Spanish. (Hits: 1620)
  • Los Dólmenes de El Pozuelo - Descriptions and photos of dolmens on the Huelva region, that counts 49 ancient sites. In Spanish. (Hits: 1548)
  • Megalitismo en Galicia - Complete guide of the numerous megalithic monuments (dolmens, standing stones and stone circles) in Galicia, Spain. With descriptions, many photo galleries, direction on how to find the sites, a section devoted to megalithic art and a glossary. In Spanish. (Hits: 1735)
  • Megalitismo na Beira Alta - Extensive decscription of the megalithic monuments of Beira Alta (Portugal). In Portuguese. (Hits: 1607)
  • Megalitos, Talaiots y Taules - Short descriptions and some photographs of megalithic monuments of Menorca (Spain). In Spanish. (Hits: 1504)
  • Parque Arqueologico Vale do Côa - Extensive website devoted to the Côa Valley Archaeological Park (Portugal), one of the richest rock-art areas of Europe. Threatened by the construction of a dam, in 1995 the Portuguese government decided to classify and protect the Valley as a National Monument. On this site you can find photos, maps, articles, published scientific papers and current research on the site. In English and Portuguese. (Hits: 1777)
  • Portogallo. Tracce del passato - An excerpt on megaliths taken from an article on Portuguese archaeology. By Vincenzo Fusco, in Italian. (Hits: 1622)
  • Rutas Megaliticas - Extensive guide about the megalithic monuments of Extremadura and the Alentejo, with descriptions, many photos and a few videos. (Hits: 695)
  • Son Catlar - Virtual visit to the prehistoric village of Son Catlar (Ciutadella, Minorca, Balearic Islands). In Catalan, Spanish and English with maps, photos and descriptions. (Hits: 1344)
  • Stones and Stars - Describes work on the possible astronomical orientation of dolmens of the Portuguese Alentejo. (Hits: 1371)
  • Talati - Virtual visit to the prehistoric village of Talatí de Dalt (Maó, Minorca, Balearic Islands). In Catalan, Spanish, English, French, Deutsch and Italiano. Many photos, maps and descriptions. (Hits: 1387)
  • - Comprehensive and nicely organized guide to the Bronze-age and Iron-age monuments in Mallorca and Menorca (Balearic Islands). Descriptions, photos and directions for over 140 prehistoric monuments. In Spanish. (Hits: 671)
  • Un viaje al Neolítico - Page devoted to the dolmens of Andalucía, with some photos and description of a project on a Thematic Park on Megalithic monuments (on this region there are still 198 dolmens). In Spanish. (Hits: 1762)
  • Vigo: Patrimonio arqueolóxico - Overview of the ancient monuments on the Vigo area (Galicia), including pictures and information on the dolmen Casa dos Mouros and some petrogliphs. In Galician. (Hits: 1827)

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