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  • Ancient Irish Monuments  pop  - Descriptions, photos and links to ancient Irish monuments including dolmens, crannogs, forts, barrows, clochans, tumuli, cairns, passage graves and stone circles. (Hits: 6399)
  •  pop  - A website full of info on the megalithic passage cairns of Newgrange, Knowth, Dowth, Fourknocks, Loughcrew, Tara and surrounding ancient sites. Also covers practical info, books and useful touristic links to visit this very rich archaeological area. By Michael Fox. (Hits: 2913)
  • Megalithic Ireland  pop  - Rough guide to some of the most interesting Irish megalithic sites. Fairly wide selection of sites and good-quality photos and descriptions. (Hits: 3682)
  • 101 Facts About Newgrange - Extremely well-designed website presenting a collection of information about Newgrange, Ireland's most famous ancient monument, a passage-tomb located in the Boyne Valley in County Meath, Ireland. (Hits: 2037)
  • Aegis Archaeology- Gortatlea Enclosure - Aegis Archaeology's website presents details of the company's services, illustrated reports of excavations and a 360-degree panoramic view of a Bronze Age enclosure at Gortatlea, Co Kerry. (Hits: 1715)
  • Ancient Ireland - This site is acting as a support to the website, devoted to Irish round towers. It contains a section with many photographs of ancient Irish sites, inlcuding passage, wedge and portal tombs, stone circles, stone rows, ogham stones, stone forts. With many hi-res photographs, basic descriptions, OS data. (Hits: 1788)
  • Archaeology of Ancient Ireland - A fairly complete illustrated introduction to Irish archaeology by Michael Sundermeier (Creighton University, Oregon, U.S.A.) (Hits: 2312)
  • Dingle Peninsula Heritage: Archaeology - On this page, by the Chorca Dhuibhne Regional Museum, you can find information on the Excavation of Cathair na bhFionnúrach Stone Fort and on the book "The Archaeological Survey of the Dingle Peninsula". (Hits: 1728)
  • Doon Archaeological Trail - An inland promontory fort on Lough Carra (Co. Mayo), with sites from late Bronze Age, enclosed in a spectacular landscape of mountain, lake and woodland. (Hits: 1476)
  • Fulachta Fiadh - Burnt mounds (fulachta fiadh) were an integral part of the prehistoric landscape in Ireland. They form the biggest number of a single prehistoric monument in Ireland and over the years have generated much interest in the archaeological world. Yet the purpose of them is still unclear even though major studies have been conducted. There are three main theories and they are all discussed here. (Hits: 1578)
  • Furness Longstone Rath - Webpage on a 20 feet high Bronze Age standing stone inside a earth ring on a hill near Naas, Co.Kildare. The webpage is part of a larger website dedicated to Furness Georgian House and Medieval Church. (Hits: 1467)
  • Heritage Ireland - An excellent Irish Government website devoted to the heritage of Ireland. Described on these pages are several megalithic sites, including Brú na Boinne (Newgrange, Dowth and Knowth) and the Hill of Tara. (Hits: 1849)
  • International Institute of Astroarchaeology - A nonprofit organisation to promote awareness of the astronomical design of Irish megalithic monuments dating from the sixth to the third millennium BC. Brief description of the monuments, including their origins, astronomical function, geographical alignment, and petroglyphs. Other pages include a historical backgound, photos of megalithic sites, related links, and the Ancient Irish Monuments Appeal. (Hits: 1508)
  • Ireland: light, body and soul - A photographic essay of spiritual places In Ireland by Justin Knecht. Many pictures of the Boyne Valley region, including Newgrange and Knowth. (Hits: 1706)
  • Irish Archaeology - Site providing info on archaeological excavations, surveys, assessments and other on-going projects in Ireland. Details on excavations on megalithic sites, photos and forum. (Hits: 1957)
  • IRQUAS: The Irish Quaternary Studies Online Project - Site devoted to Irish archaeology, history and geography. IRQUAS offers links to related discussion groups, and access to databases of research projects, including a database of all excavated Irish ringforts. (Hits: 1484)
  • John Hall, Irish Landscape Photographer. - General photography site which includes many images of megalithic sites in Ireland. Taken using long exposure & light-painting techniques at dusk. (Hits: 1310)
  • Light Years Ago - This photographic study lends support to the proposal that the cairns at Newgrange and Loughcrew were also built to track and record the movements of the sun. Plans, photos and animations. (Hits: 1488)
  • Lough Gur - Site dedicated to Lough Gur (Co Limerick) with map, accommodation details, information on the Interpretive centre, the Historical Society, the Grange Stone Circle and a wedge tomb. (Hits: 1517)
  • Lough Swilly Archaeological Survey - A study of Later Mesolithic and Neolithic settlement in eastern County Donegal. Includes project outline, papers and slide show. (Hits: 1436)
  • Lunar Maps of Knowth - Interesting theory that motifs carved in the passage tombs at Knowth and at Baltinglass are maps of the Moon as seen with the naked eye. In-depth info and drawings. (Hits: 1537)
  • Megalithic Tombs in Waterford - Thorough description of a Court Cairn at Ballinamona Lower, with small maps and plans, along with brief information on other megalithic sites in Waterford. Part of an article about Prehistoric Dungarvan within Dungarvan Museum's website. (Hits: 1546)
  • Megalithomania - A truly excellent website devoted to the ancient monuments of Ireland. Beautiful presentation and user interface, several hundreds of sites visited by the author, each one with a good description and many images. A striking interactive "megalithomap" of Ireland and every conceivable search facility makes this website a wonderful experience for any websurfer. (Hits: 2196)
  • Mythical Ireland - A resource for those interested in the ancient megalithic sites of Ireland, with a strong focus on the mounds of the Boyne Valley. Many photographs and information, plus a section devoted to ancient Irish mythology and legends. (Hits: 1818)
  • National University of Ireland, Galway: Research - Summaries of some of the current research projects being undertaken in the Department of Archaeology, including "Defining ritual space in the Irish Neolithic" and "Upland Settlement in Late Prehistoric Ireland". (Hits: 1525)
  • Poulnabrone Collection - Clare Museum is the county museum for Clare, Ireland, and its website carrys lists of photographed archaeological material from excavated megalithic tombs such as Poulnabrone portal tomb and Parknabinnia court tomb. (Hits: 1344)
  • Ross Island Mine Heritage - On this website you can find an account of primitive mine workings which were uncovered at Ross Island, information of early primitive mining technique, a description of life in and around an early prehistoric copper mine. There is also a downloadable PowerPoint presentation. (Hits: 1457)
  • Sacred Island: Guided Tours of Ireland's Ancient Sites - Site devoted to megalithic tombs of Co Sligo and Meath. Many very good photographs, drawings, extensive descriptions and clickable maps make this website an enjoyable experience. The author is also a qualified tour guide, so general and specialist tours are offered to the major Irish sacred sites. (Hits: 1584)
  • Sliabh na Caillí - Pics and info on the stone mound Sliabh na Caillí, in Ireland. By Ceridwen Keeley. (Hits: 1357)
  • Some spared stones of Ireland - Excellent resource about megalithic sites of Ireland. Hundreds of hi-res photos and a county-by-county Gazetteer of sites, including many of the lesser-known Irish monuments and arcane aspects of Irish archaeology. A CD-ROM is also available. By Anthony Weir. (Hits: 1678)
  • Stumphenge Graphics - Website devoted to the ancient solar observatories of Ireland, where they are, when they were built, how and why they work. With some plans and a few photos. (Hits: 1393)
  • Wilde's Loch Coirib - An online edition of William R. Wilde's Loch Coirib, first published in 1867. This edition retains most of the original text and illustrations. Descriptions of some megalithic sites, including stone forts and inscribed standing stones. (Hits: 1521)

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