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  • Ancient Apulia Tour - An on-line travel diary through the ancient Apulian monuments. Description of 5 stages of the journey with pictures of 76 megalithic sites and ten 360-degree panoramic movies. Maps, message board and equipement used. (Hits: 1806)
  • Ancient Sardinia Tour - 80 megalithic and prehistoric sites of Sardinia are described (along with many pictures and 360-degree panoramic movies) on this online travel diary. This website includes maps and a message board. (Hits: 1948)
  • Antiche pietre del Salento - Extensive gazetteer of Apulian megalithic monuments (mainly dolmens and standing stones), with maps, drawings, photos and brief descriptions. In Italian. (Hits: 1697)
  • Antiqui - Website devoted to the culture of the "Men of the Past". With an extensive section about archaeoastronomy and an interesting section about prehistoric tools. In Italian. (Hits: 955)
  • Archeologia del territorio di Birori - Information, plans and photos of prehistoric remains, including nuraghi, Giants' Tombs and dolmens, near the Birori village in Sardinia. In Italian. (Hits: 1451)
  • Archeologia Italiana - Since 1998, this website is a reliable point of reference for Italian archaeological news and educational online resources. In Italian. (Hits: 1821)
  • Archeologia Sarda - A promising and elegant website devoted to prehistoric monuments of Sardinia: Nuraghi, dolmens, domus de janas, sacred wells, standing stones. Currently the site presents only a dozen of monuments, each one with a complete description, a plan and sometimes also with Quicktime VR panoramic views, videos and satellite maps. The site includes a forum and a news section. In Italian. (Hits: 1107)
  • Barumini - Su Nuraxi - Extensive information on Sardinia's most famous nuraghe with images and animations. An analysis is carried out of the periods preceeding the Nuragic age and of similiar monuments both in Sardinia as well as in the Mediterranean. (Hits: 1559)
  • Is Cirquittus - Webpage on the stone circle of Is Cirquittus, in Sardinia. By the Department of Archaeoastronomy of the Astronomical Centre of Cagliari. In Italian. (Hits: 1520)
  • - On the section "Archeologia" of this website you can find info on a series of megalithic monuments found in Mamoiada (Sardinia), including the famous "Perda Pinta", with descriptions and photos. Other info about the area, including folklore and traditions. In Italian. (Hits: 1201)
  • Menhir e la Ciotta di San Lorenzo - Image, description and indications on how to get to a standing stone near Molini di Triora, in Liguria. In Italian. (Hits: 1559)
  • Nuragic Age of Sardinia - A view of Sardinia Nuragic Age through images and photography. Nice series of images ad information on Nuraghu, Giants' Tombs and Sacred Wells. In Italian. (Hits: 629)
  • Pietre di confine - This page provides photos and information on the position and orientation of the standing stones near Palombaio (Apulia). In Italian. (Hits: 955)
  • Pietre/Stones - A brilliant Italian photographer has recorded all the megalithic sites of Apulia (Italy) in a book. Lots of info, beautiful photos and don't worry: the website is in English! By Toti CalÚ. (Hits: 1528)
  • Sa Coveccada - Webpage on the beautiful dolmen of Sa Coveccada, in Sardinia. By the Department of Archaeoastronomy of the Astronomical Centre of Cagliari. In Italian. (Hits: 1534)
  • Stelae-Statues of Lunigiana - An incredibly well-made virtual museum about these peculiar prehistoric carved stones. By Gruppo Archeologico Pisano. (Hits: 1551)
  • Valcamonica Rock Art - The website of the very interesting Italian valley in the Alps where hundreds of rock carvings where found. In Italian and in English. (Hits: 1530)

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