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  • 1000 Imagenes Arte Rupestre - Prehistoric Man and his Art. Many reproductions of ancient drawings and carvings from all over the world, with descriptions. By artist Daniel Verdejo ; in Spanish. (Hits: 2161)
  • Aboriginal Rock Art - Coastal petroglyphs of NSW Australia. Just a few images, while quite intriguing. (Hits: 2031)
  • Abrigo Grande del Uadi Pequeño - An interesting website devoted to the research carried on a cave with Rock Art in the Western Sahara. Many photos, a panoramic view and extensive descriptions in Spanish. (Hits: 1516)
  • Anasazi - Prehistoric archaeological sites of the American Southwest (Colorado, Utah, Arizona and New Mexico). By Greg Bondar. (Hits: 2119)
  • Ancient art of Korea - Extraordinary website devoted to the prehistoric monuments of Korea. Including 17 dolmens, 5 menhirs (standing stones), barrows and stone rows. With images, maps and descriptions. By Byon Kwang-Hyon. (Hits: 2111)
  • Ancient Artifacts - Rare, unusual and out-of-place artifacts in North America. Site is geared to rock art. (Hits: 1557)
  • Archaeology and rock art in Syria - 2004 - Preliminary report of Campaign 2004 at the archaeological and rock-art sites of the Hemma Plateau (Hassake, Syria) , with more than 190 photographs and drawings. (Hits: 1306)
  • Archaeology and rock art in Syria - 2005 - Preliminary report of Campaign 2005 at the archaeological and rock-art sites of the Hemma Plateau (Hassake, Syria) , with more than 190 photographs and drawings. In French. (Hits: 918)
  • Archéologie du Fujairah - Description of the spectacular Bitnah tomb (in the United Arab Emirates), dug in the late Eighties by the Groupe de Recherches en Archéologie Préhistorique (a division of the Anthropology Department of Geneva University). In French. (Hits: 1514)
  • Archéologie et art rupestre du Hemma - The preliminary report of Campaign 2002 at the archaeological and rock-art sites of the Hemma Plateau (Hassake, Syria). Extensive description and many photos. In French. (Hits: 1338)
  • Arqueologìa del Rìo Aconcagua - Interesting website devoted to the rock art and the prehistoric settlements on the Rio Aconcagua area, in central Chile. In Spanish. (Hits: 1388)
  • BearGulch Pictographs - On this website you can find info, photos, maps and tour schedules of the BearGulch site (Montana, U.S.A.) with its beautiful pictographs. (Hits: 1619)
  • Bradshaw Foundation - The Bradshaw Foundation website, on World Rock Art, Archaeology, Anthropology and the Origins of Man. Extensive and elegant site with many articles, images, scientific papers, links, iLectures films (for sale) and a newsletter. (Hits: 559)
  • Carl Bjork's Rock Art site - Several U.S. Rock Art sites are described on this website. Good information on petroglyphs in general, an excellent research section and some interesting Native American stories. (Hits: 1555)
  • Centro Camuno di Studi Preistorici - Website devoted to the world of Rock Art. News, articles, a collection of images from throughout the world, a section on Valcamonica by Emmanuel Anati, access to the extensive "World Archives of Rock Art". (Hits: 1396)
  • Clark County Petroglyphs and Rock Art - Information on petroglyphs and related data in Nevada (U.S.A.), especially in Clark County. Photos, driving directions and/or GPS coordinates. (Hits: 1546)
  • Cueva de los Yaguaretés - A very interesting a detailed description of a Rock art site from La Patagonia, Argentina. Photos, drawings and maps; text in Spanish. From the Ciencia Hoy en Linea online magazine. (Hits: 1447)
  • Deer Valley Rock Art Centre - Deer Valley Rock Art Center preserves and provides public access to the Hedgpeth Hills petroglyph site (Arizona, U.S.A.), and is a center for rock art studies. On the website you can find pictures, directions on how to get to the site, a research database and a good intro on Rock Art. (Hits: 1482)
  • Desert Boats - In the Eastern Desert of Egypt are hundreds of petroglyphs of boats, and Egyptologists date them to the Predynastic period-before about 3100 B.C. This website presents many pictures with in-depth information about these intriguing rock carvings. (Hits: 1834)
  • Gobustan: rock carvings - Interesting website devoted to the rock carving at Gobustan, by the Ministry of Culture of Azerbaijan Republic. (Hits: 1506)
  • Gochang, Hwasun, and Ganghwa Dolmen Sites - Extensive descriptions and some small pictures of ancient monuments at Gochang, Hwasun, and Gangwha (Korea). On that area you can find several hundreds of dolmens dating from the 1st millennium BCE. (Hits: 1466)
  • Golan Dolmens - In the Golan heights area there are hundreds of Dolmens dating back the Bronze Age. Basic info and excellent images of these lesser known monuments. (Hits: 644)
  • Har Karkom - E-book "The Riddle of Mount Sinai - Archaeological Discoveries at Har Karkom" by Italian archaeologist Emmanuel Anati. Interesting rock art of different periods (more than 40000 engravings) and hundreds of sites, including stone circles and standing stones. In English. (Hits: 1612)
  • Imagi Rupestre - An excellent collection of images of rock art gathered from across the world and photographed by R. Paul Firnhaber, a USA-based rock art researcher whose work includes the field of rock art imaging, theory and practice. (Hits: 1503)
  • Korean Dolmens - Very nice website about Korean dolmens. Elegant presentation with photos and concise information. Registration required in order to access some sections of the website. In Korean and English. (Hits: 485)
  • Namibian Rock Art - Images and information on three rock art sites in western Namibia: Maack’s Shelter in the Brandberg, Twyfelfontein, and Piet Alberts Kopjes. (Hits: 1547)
  • On the Trail of Ancient Americans - What was happening on the American continent when Julias Caesar was Emporer of Rome? What great civilizations were built on the American continent? Dad, Harrison and Amanda took off for a few weeks to see what they could learn about the Ancient Americans, especially the Anasazi. (Hits: 1865)
  • Pedra Furada - Many pictures and complete bibliography on the Pedra Furada rock art site, near São Raimundo Nonato, Piauí (Brazil). (Hits: 1566)
  • Pictograph Cave State Park - Located southeast of Billings, Montana (U.S.A.); two of the three caves that define the site complex contain evidence of habitation dating back over 4500 years ago. Extensive info, images, and an "Electronic field trip" for students and teachers. (Hits: 1527)
  • Prehistoric Megaliths in the Western Caucasus - A long-term project on a group of dolmens in the Caucasus, administered by the Institute for Study of Material Culture History of the Russian Academy of Sciences (St. Petersburg, Russia). (Hits: 1569)
  • Prehistory of Alaska - In-depth (and text-only) information on the Alaskan prehistory, by U.S. National Park Service. (Hits: 1645)
  • Reviving the Past - This website concerning rock art presents a general discussion of analytical techniques and procedures with a couple of Southern African case studies. (Hits: 1266)
  • Rock Art in Arkansas - Information and educational materials on Arkansas (U.S.A.)rock art. Excellent graphic layout, many useful resources for educators (activities, lesson plans), articles, tech papers, photo gallery and a searchable database. (Hits: 1529)
  • Rock Art Investigations - Several rock art sites visited by the author and his wife throughout the years in South America, Africa, Pacific area, Europe. (Hits: 1338)
  • Rock Art Pictographs & Petroglyphs - USA rock art web site containing articles and pictures of petroglyphs and pictographs from lesser known sites in the California desert and adjacent Southwest. (Hits: 1282)
  • Rock Art: Petroglyphs and Pictographs - A Minnesota State University Museum's website devoted to Rock Art. Definitions, dating, preservation and descriptions of sites in Minnesota and Nevada (U.S.A.). (Hits: 1681)
  • Rock Carvings and Inscriptions along the Karakorum Highway (Pakistan) - Shortly after the construction of the Karakorum Highway, Prof. Karl Jettmar and Prof. A.H. Dani discovered thousands of petroglyphs and inscriptions along the Indus valley. On this website you can find detailed info and an interesting "Indus Valley Rock Art Gallery". (Hits: 1453)
  • Rupestreweb: Arte rupestre en America Latina - Complete website devoted to Latin American rock art. Many articles, maps, news and details of sites in Argentina, Brasil, Colombia, Costarica, Ecuador, Mexicon, Dominican Republic, and Venezuela. Includes also CVs of researchers working on these areas. (Hits: 1382)
  • Southern African Rock Art - The earliest evidence so far for engraving of rocks in Southern Africa is 11,000 years old. This website, by South African Museum, presents detailed info and several pictures. (Hits: 1353)
  • Stone circles of the Gambia - Web page dedicated to the very little known but extremely interesting stone circles in Gambia, Africa. By Momodou Camara. (Hits: 1709)
  • The Dolmen Path - The window to Russian megalithic world. This website includes a very interesting photo gallery, information about Russian dolmens, artifacts and other megaliths, maps, gallery and legends. The majority of Russian megaliths is located at the northwestern part of Caucasus mountains. Most of them are represented by rectangular structures made of stone slabs or cut in rocks with holes cut in their facade. (Hits: 1778)
  • Things Korean - In this webpage info and a picture of Goindol dolmen, in Kanghwa Island in Korea. (Hits: 1570)
  • Çatalhöyük - Information about the activities of the research being conducted at the Neolithic site of Çatalhöyük in Turkey. (Hits: 1737)

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