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  • A pile of old stones  pop  - An amateur guide to a few of the recumbent stone circles and Pictish symbols stones in Aberdeenshire, Scotland. Includes photos and realistic directions on reaching the six sites described here. Funny & useful remarks under the 'Lindsey's tip' section. (Hits: 2827)
  • Ancient Stones of Scotland  pop  - A comprehensive guide to the ancient stone monuments of Scotland, ranging from the earliest stone circles and rock carvings to the Iron Age brochs and souterrains. On these pages you can find the photographs (high and low-resolution) of 182 ancient sites, along with descriptions, maps, 50 panoramic movies, a complete glossary and an extensive bibliography. (Hits: 2718)
  • Ancient Lothian: Historic South-East Scotland - Website dedicated to the historic cultures of South-East Scotland, with the aims to catalogue the majority of ancient, medieval and early modern sites within the Lothians. Very detailed information, many good quality photos, location maps and pleasant presentation. (Hits: 1907)
  • Ancient Scotland - Lots of details and many photographs of sites in Orkney, Kilmartin and the Hebrides. By Martin McCarthy. (Hits: 2371)
  • Ancient Scotland Tour - Tour of more than 200 Scottish prehistoric sites. On this website you can find an eight-week online travel diary, view hundreds of images and 360-degree panoramic movies from the journey, and learn about the ancient Scottish people and monuments. (Hits: 2186)
  • Antiquities in Scotland - Photos and short descriptions of some Scottish megalithic sites, including the lesser known Beauly stone circle. Part of the Elisabeth & Teije's travel website. (Hits: 1582)
  • Ardnacross at Gallifrey - Photos and words describing an archaeological excavation of fallen stones in a double row of stones at Ardnacross (Isle of Mull, Scotland). (Hits: 1334)
  • Bannockburn Neolithic enclosures - Excavations in 1984-85 at Bannockburn, Stirlingshire (Scotland), revealed some post-defined enclosures dated to the mid fourth to early third millennium BC. On these web pages there is a complete discussion of the excavations and some images. (Hits: 1490)
  • Bigstone - A personal website showing a series of megalithic sites in the UK. The selection comprises about 60 monuments, especially focused to Scotland. Good quality photos and descriptions. (Hits: 1009)
  • Border Stones - A guide to the standing stones & stone circles of the Scottish Borders region of South East Scotland. Extensive collection of sites with thorough description, photos and directions to find the monuments. (Hits: 1533)
  • Caithness Archaeological Project - This Project was initiated in the summer of 2000 with the first stage focussing on the re-survey of 9 broch settlements. Description of the excavation and 3D views. (Hits: 1445)
  • Calanais (Callanish) Sones - A practical look at the link between the East row of Calanais I (Callanish), the Autumnal (equinoctial) full moon and the ritual or ceremonial significance of such an event. In-depth information and calendar of events through 2020. (Hits: 580)
  • Charles Tait's Website - Charles Tait is an Orkney based photographer who specialises in landscapes, seascapes, archaeology, nature, wildlife and who runs an extensive photo library which covers some of the most beautiful megalithic sites of Scotland. (Hits: 1377)
  • Dark Isle - Stone Circles & Cairns - This website contains information and pictures on about a couple of dozens of stone circles, cairns and henges in Scotland. (Hits: 1523)
  • Dunragit Project - On the Dunragit archaeological excavation website you can find the site diary and various photo galleries. The excavation is part of an on-going series of investigations into neolithic henge monuments in the Dumfriesshire and Galloway region being conducted by Julian Thomas. (Hits: 1395)
  • Friends of Grampian Stones - Some info on Aberdeenshire recumbent stone circles, Pictish stones, legends, with a few images. (Hits: 1499)
  • Garioch Home Page - Info and images on Scottish and Orcadian megalithic sites, including Skara Brae, the best preserved Neolithic settlement in Western Europe. By Andy Nicol. (Hits: 1357)
  • Highlands: Holidays with megalithic Stones - On this website you can find several travel photos, including a journey through the Scottish Highlands on 6 pages, with descriptions and images of famous stone circles like Temple Wood, Lonehead of Daviot, Callanish, Nether Largie, Balnuaran of Clava and others. In German. (Hits: 1376)
  • Jim and Moggie Visit Callanish - Pictures of the largest stone circle at Callanish, Isle of Lewis, Outer Hebrides, Scotland. There are photos of other Scottish sites: Callanish II and III, Clava Cairn Circles and Loanhead of Daviot. (Hits: 1430)
  • Kilmartin House Museum - Kilmartin House Museum is establishing a pioneering centre for Archaeology: to inform visitors of all there is to see and enjoy; to look at links between people and their environment; to help interpret the landscape; to search for clues to the beginnings of Scottish culture. Map guide and pictures of many megalithic sites in the Kilmartin Valley. (Hits: 1342)
  • Loch Awe Crannog Survey 1972 - Extensive and extremely well done website devoted to a 1972 field survey of ancient man-made islands in a Scottish loch. With drawings, maps, many pdf plans of crannogs, charts, photos and extensive info. A truly gem for anybody looking for a complete overview on Scottish Crannogs. (Hits: 643)
  • Megalithic cam-page at Maes Howe - A camera positioned at Maes Howe tomb (Orkney, Scotland) that will broadcast winter solstice sunset. By Victor Reijs. More archaeoastronomy and ancient monuments in Victor's megalithic webpage. (Hits: 1394)
  • Old Scatness Broch & Jarlshof Environs Project 98 - Information on the archaeological excavation carried out by the University of Bradford in collaboration with the Shetland Amenity Trust on two sites in Shetland isles. With detailed 2D and 3D maps, timeline and a "living history" section. (Hits: 816)
  • Orkneyjar - Splendid and very interesting site detailing various aspects of Orkney history, tradition, folklore and scenery. In our opinion the best site about Orkney on tne World Wide Web. By Sigurd Towrie. (Hits: 1470)
  • Phyllis J Goodall's Homepage - The author lives in Huntly, a small town 35 miles north-west of Aberdeen in the foothills of the Grampians and on the fringe of Recumbent Stone Circle country. On these pages you can find info about about hillforts in the Grampian area, about recumbent stone circles and about the Picts. (Hits: 1291)
  • Recumbent Stone Circles of North East Scotland - This site is dedicated to listing, describing and locating the recumbent stone circles of North East Scotland. Included is a description of 9 sites with pictures and info on how to get there. (Hits: 1309)
  • Recumbent Stones Circles in North East Scotland - An interesting selection of Recumbent stone circles (a distinctive type of circle found in North East Scotland). Descriptions with photos and clear directions on how to find those ancient sites. (Hits: 1434)
  • Standing stones and ancient monuments in Scotland - In-depth info on standing stones and other ancient monuments in the Scottish Highlands and Islands with excellent links and photos, some of which can be sent as free electronic postcards via the Web. Lots of practical and tourist info and useful books too. By Joanne Mackenzie-Winters. (Hits: 1646)
  • Stone Circles in Angus and Perthshire - These pages show some of the stone circles and other similar sites in the Angus and Perthshire area. Information is provided regarding finding the sites, and photographs of the sites themselves wherever possible. (Hits: 1441)
  • Stones of Wonder - Extremely detailed and comprehensive Web guidebook to megalithic sites in Scotland that have astronomical orientations. By Robert Pollack. There is a listing of the monuments which can be visited, and the best time of year to see them and observe for yourself sunrises, sunsets, moon rises and moon sets. His work is based on original surveys. (Hits: 1652)
  • The Buchan stone circles - The Buchan recumbent stone circles are set apart from the rest of the corpus of similar relics by the occurrence of a bank of small stones forming a circle in which the uprights are set. This feature can be observed in all the seven sites listed on these pages. (Hits: 1450)
  • Virtual Calanais - Virtual tour of the Callanish (Calanais) megalithic complex showing 17 QuickTime VR 360-degree movies and a position map. Very good quality of the movie; nice presentation and very detailed map of the site. (Hits: 1391)

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