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  • About, the Human Internet: Archaeology - Previously named The Mining Company, this Internet portal builds a comprehensive environment around each of 700 specific topics, including the best new content, relevant links, how-to's, forums, and answers to just about any question. K. Kris Hirst is your excellent guide for the Archaeology pages. (Hits: 1559)
  • Ancient World Web - A compendium of Internet sites discussing the Ancient World. Recently revised and enlarged. (Hits: 1708)
  • Anthropology Resources on the Internet - Excellent guide to anthropology and archaeology resources available on the Internet, including archaeology, linguistics, cultural anthropology, physical anthropology, anthropology departments around the world and journals, with more than 2200 web sites screened and selected. (Hits: 1270)
  • Archaeological Resource Guide for Europe (ARGE) - Clear and extensive guide for European archaeology contains the most comprehensive set of resources for this region. Links can be accessed by country, by subject, by period, or by a database search. (Hits: 1603)
  • Archaeological Stock Images & Video - Fully-searchable collections of archaeological photographs and videos with over 80,000 archaeology images and 1300 videos covering more than 400 archaeological sites across the Mediterranean basin. (Hits: 595)
  • Archaeology Links - Extensive collection of archeology-related links. Includes African, British Isles, Egyptian, list of publications, reference sources. (Hits: 1568)
  • Archdata - Extensive collection of archaeology links (in French). (Hits: 1319)
  • ARCHI: The Archaeological Sites Index - Huge database of more than 60,000 UK archaeological sites. Searches can be made by place-name or by National Grid Reference Number. Subscribers have privileged access and can view every record in the database. (Hits: 1450)
  • ArchNet - Virtual Library for Archaeology; this website provides access to archaeological resources available on the Internet. Information is categorized by geographic region and subject. Also in Catalan, Dutch, French, German, Italian and Spanish. (Hits: 1518)
  • ArchSearch Catalogue - Developed by the Archaeology Data Service. This catalogue allows fast searching of records such as the National Excavation Index for England (contributed by RCHME); the Fife, Shetland, and Strathclyde sections of the National Monuments Record of Scotland (contributed by RCAHMS); and the Microfilm Index for England (contributed by RCHME). (Hits: 1395)
  • Archterra - European project dedicated to extending the European archaeology Web over Bulgaria, Romania and Poland. (Hits: 1206)
  • ArchWay - An integrated searchable catalogue to the journal holdings of 25 leading academic libraries. A free service for everyone involved in archaeological research. (Hits: 1438)
  • Arch”ologie online - Beautiful collection of archaeology links, with excellent graphics and photographic images. Maintained by the Freiburg University (in German). Links ordered by geographic area and chronologically. (Hits: 1488)
  • BIAB: British & Irish Archaeological Bibliography - These web pages contain everything you ever wanted to know about bibliographic data for Britain and Ireland. This includes information on the scope, aims, background and history of the BIAB project, along with extensive details of archaeological serial publications, and contact details of archaeology publishers and/or editors. You can also search a database which allows you to search for references to material published from 1695 to 1991. (Hits: 1292)
  • British Archaeological Jobs and Resources BAJR - Massive resources site with everything from job opportunities, handy guides, databases of curators, organisations, contractors and local history to the Digger Online, Games and education links (Hits: 1107)
  • BUBL - An extremely complete classification of useful archaeological Internet sites, by the Strathclyde University. (Hits: 1393)
  • CARN - Core Archaeological Record Index - The public entry-point to the Extended National Database for Wales. More than 100,000 records of ancient and historical sites are included from the Clwyd-Powys Archaeological Trust SMR, Dyfed Archaeological Trust SMR, Gwynedd Archaeological Trust SMR, Glamorgan-Gwent Archaeological Trust SMR, Cadw´s scheduled monument database and the Royal Commission´s National Monuments Record of Wales. Fast and easy to use. (Hits: 1329)
  • Compass - A database of around 5000 objects selected from the huge range of the British Museum's collections. (Hits: 1231)
  • Database of Irish Excavation Reports - This database contains summary accounts of all the excavations carried out in Ireland (North and South) from 1985 to 2000. It can be browsed or searched using multiple fields. (Hits: 1363)
  • Dúchas: Heritage Data - This site provides access to the Irish heritage data managed by Dúchas, including information on the Sites and Monuments Record, the Recorded Monuments Record and Monuments in State Care. (Hits: 1251)
  • East Midlands Archaeological Research Framework Project - The Acrobat files (PDFs) published here comprise the texts of the first phase of the project, a period-by-period Archaeological Resource Assessments covering the Palaeolithic to Modern periods in Derbyshire, Leicestershire and Rutland, Lincolnshire, Northamptonshire and Nottinghamshire. (Hits: 1311)
  • Environment and Heritage Service: Historic Monuments - The Environment and Heritage Service is a Northern Irish agency. On this section of its extensive website you can access the Sites & Monuments database and find information on state care and scheduled monuments, excavations, and the Monuments & Building Record. (Hits: 1368)
  • EuroPreArt - Extensive database about European prehistoric art, available online or as a CD-ROM. More than 800 records and 2,700 pictures of rock art sites in Denmark, France, Ireland, Italy, Portugal, Spain and Sweden. Thorough descriptions, many photos and drawings, bibliographies and maps. A must-see website for anyone interested in Rock Art. (Hits: 1388)
  • Great Britain Location Search - Location based Search Sngine - Find Megaliths, Walks, Fords, Geocaches, Triangulation Pillars, OS Benchmarks, Radio Transmitters and More! Search by Clicking a map, a Grid Reference or Postcode. (Hits: 1090)
  • Heirport - If you have research questions about British archaeology and the historic environment then you should be able to find the answers here, without having to go to lots and lots of different websites and agencies. The search function allow the retrieval of information about archaeological monuments, historic buildings, historic objects in UK areas and to find books, museum collections, archives. (Hits: 389)
  • Highland Sites & Monuments Record - The SMR contains details of approximately 39,000 known archaeological sites and is continually updated and expanded. Extremely elegant website with a great ease of use and navigation, providing excellent info and a large number of photos. Part of the large Am baile website devoted to Highland history and culture. In English and Gaelic. (Hits: 864)
  • Megalithic Map - A very detailed map-based interface to every stone circle in England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales. (Hits: 1662)
  • Monument Class Descriptions - These data have been produced over a number of years by the Monuments Protection Program (English Heritage) to support an evaluation procedure which was designed as the starting point for defining national importance. (Hits: 1357)
  • National Monuments Record at the RCHME - These records include 2.5 million air photographs providing complete coverage of England and data on most archaeological sites, excavations and archives in England. (Hits: 1382)
  • National Trust Sites and Monuments Record - A resource and repository for information on the Archaeology and historic landscapes within National Trust land. The Sites and Monuments Record includes a database and an extensive supporting archive. Part of the Archaeology Data Service website. (Hits: 1414)
  • Online Archaeology - Using computers to collect, store, analyse and interpret Archaeological and Heritage data. Collection of articles, news feeds, photo gallery and forum. (Hits: 1197)
  • Prehistoric Web Index - Rich and useful database that takes you straight to images and info on megalithic and prehistoric sites in the Web (Hits: 1397)
  • Rock Art Planet - A site designed to introduce the many facets of rock art to beginners in the field. Photos, links, forum and articles. (Hits: 1329)
  • Rock-Links - Database of Petroglyphs and Pictographs links; more than 500 resources commented and divided into geographical areas. (Hits: 1475)
  • Shropshire Sites and Monuments Record - Shropshire County Council maintains the Sites and Monuments Record within Archaeology Data Service's website. At present there are nearly 18,000 monuments and buildings recorded on the SMR, including such gems as Mitchell's Fold Bronze Age stone circle and Old Oswestry Iron Age hillfort. (Hits: 1391)
  • Site Damage Database - Detailed ad complete database of damages made to some ancient sites. (Hits: 1509)
  • UB- Préhistoire - The Préhistoire de l'Université de Bourgogne website contains a great deal of very interesting articles and online courses on archaeology, prehistory and the Neolithic period. Created by Olivier Lemercier, it also contains descriptions of conferences, discoveries and excavations and there is a nice database of articles about the Bell-Beaker culture. In French. (Hits: 378)
  • ViewFinder - On-line resource for local history from English Heritage and Oxfordshire County Council. On its searchable picture gallery are 20,000 photographs of historic buildings, archaeological sites and social history subjects. (Hits: 1340)

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