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  • African-American Archaeology - Group for the discussion of the Archaeology of the African Diaspora in the New World. Membership is open to anyone having a serious interest in researching and interpreting the material lives of African Americans. Discussion will focus on these topics and related cultural heritage concerns. (Hits: 1337)
  • ARCH-AC-UK - This list aims at allowing exchange of information, comments and suggestions between academic archaeologists within the UK. Three areas of interest: the nature of archaeology in the context of teaching and research in British universities; the socio-politics of British academia in its wider context; and the relationship between the HE sector and external processes. To subscribe, send the following message to join arch-ac-uk firstname lastname (Hits: 1368)
  • ARCH-EXPERIMENT - There is a mailbase list devoted to the discussion of all aspects of experimental archaeology. Experimental archaeology being the attempt to increase our understanding of the archaeological record by the experimental reproduction of the technological and cultural activities thought to be involved in the creation of that record. To subscribe, send the following message to join arch-experiment firstname lastname stop (Hits: 1277)
  • ARCH-L - Fairly active mailing list about Archaeology online since 1986. With a searchable index. (Hits: 1441)
  • ARCH-STUDENT - An electronic discussion list for Archaeology Students. Organized in October 1994, this list has been established to provide an open forum for both graduate and undergraduate students of archaeology to discuss topics relevant to the field and to our lives as archaeologists. To subscribe, send the following message to subscribe arch-student your name (Hits: 1299)
  • ARCH-THEORY - A list for the discussion and exchange of information in archaeological theory in Europe: social theory, material culture, epistemology, the past in the present, cultural identity, perspectives from anthropology and history. To subscribe, send the following message to join arch-theory firstname lastname (Hits: 1301)
  • Archaeoacosutics - Invesitgating the possible use of acoustics in former times of societies all over the world. This incorporates architectual designs and musical instruments. (Hits: 1422)
  • Archaeoastronomy - Fairly active group encouraging discussion in the area of archaeoastronomy. (Hits: 1433)
  • Archaeocosmology - Group where you can discuss all aspects of archaeocosmology. So visiting sites, archaeoastronomy, measurements, statistics, archaoacoustics, myth and lores. (Hits: 1414)
  • Archaeology Cymru - Lively mailing list devoted to Archaeology in Wales. (Hits: 1531)
  • ARCHCOMP-L - Archaeological computing. To subscribe, send the following message to sub ARCHCOMP-L your name (Hits: 1267)
  • BRITARCH - Sponsored by the Council for British Archaeology (CBA) and the British Academy, the purpose of BRITARCH is for discussions and information dissemination relating to British archaeology. The list is aimed at anyone with an interest in British archaeology. Further details about the list can be obtained from the Mailbase server's Web page. To join the list send the following email message to join britarch firstname lastname (Hits: 1342)
  • Bronze Age Ireland - A moderated forum for the discussion of topics relating to the archaeology of Ireland's Bronze Age. Related subjects such as late neolithic and early iron age Irish archaeology, bronze age Britain & continental Europe etc. are acceptable. (Hits: 1397)
  • COAST-ARCH - This list is is a forum for reporting on-going research projects, for the discussion of current issues, and for the annoucement of up-and coming conferences. The participation of anyone with an interest or a need to know more about the coastal archaeology both in the UK and abroad - is warmly welcomed. To subscribe, send the following message to join coast-arch firstname lastname (Hits: 1249)
  • COMPUTATIONAL ARCHAEOLOGY - This list is for for discussion and dissemination of information about archaeological computing. To subscribe, send the following message to SUB ARCHCOMP-L firstname lastname (Hits: 1286)
  • CONSERVATION-RESEARCH - This list will enable discussion amongst those engaged or interested in research into the conservation of historic buildings, artefacts and works of art with the aim of assisting in bringing together providers and users of conservation research and in the defining of common research themes across the conservation profession. To subscribe, send the following message to join conservation-research firstname lastname (Hits: 1257)
  • Dartmoor Stone Yahoo group - The archaeology, folklore, history, contemporay use and issues relating to man-made structures, circles, rows, other alignments and natural formations of Dartmoor (England) are the main focus of this group. (Hits: 1403)
  • e-RockArtGlossary - Dedicated to the development of a universal scientific terminology for the discipline of rock art research. (Hits: 1294)
  • European Archaeology - Moderated discussion of European prehistoric and historic archaeology. The time period can range from the Early Palaeolithic through the 1800s. (Hits: 1414)
  • European Rock Art Mailing List - An useful tool to diffuse and to share a "rupestrian" (rock-art related) knowledge. This list proposes in particular to create a discussion forum for treating rock art related problems, like chronology or interpretation; to link the figurative elements of rock art with the corresponding archaeological materials; to publicise on the list meetings, congresses, books, web pages and all rock-art related stuff. (Hits: 1408)
  • INTARCH-INTEREST - This list discuss any aspect of publishing archaeology on the Internet. To join send an email to with the line: join intarch-interest firstname lastname (Hits: 1241)
  • Irish Archaeology - A moderated forum for the discussion of topics relating to the archaeology of Ireland of all periods. Related subjects such as anthropology, historic geography, history are acceptable. (Hits: 1432)
  • Irish Settlement Studies - A moderated forum for the discussion of topics relating to settlement in Ireland of all periods. (Hits: 1390)
  • Irish Stones - A community where people can exchange their thoughts on the megalithic people, myths, lore, archaeocosmology, archaeoastronomy and dwellings present in Ireland. (Hits: 1420)
  • Irish Stones - Discussions, chats on Irish stone rows, circles, passage mounds, wood circles, myths, lore, sounds, archaeastronomy and archaeocosmology. (Hits: 1338)
  • Iron Age Europe - Dedicated to understanding the indigenous peoples and cultures of Europe in the last millenium B.C. (Hits: 1366)
  • ITALIAN-ARCHAEOLOGY - Information and discussion for archaeologists (prehistoric, classical or medieval) interested in Italy. To subscribe, send the following message to join italian-archaeology firstname lastname (Hits: 1266)
  • MESOLITHIC - Listserve concerned with the Mesolithic of Northwestern Europe. To join send an email to with the line: SUBSCRIBE MESOLITHIC your e-mail address (Hits: 1280)
  • NEOLITHIC-STUDIES - The neolithic-studies mailbase list is intended to facilitate communication and discussion between archaeologists interested in the comparative study of Neolithic cultures of Europe, the Near East, Africa and Asia. The intent is to provide a forum for those who are interested in the Neolithic as a phenomenon in itself. To join the list send the following email message to join neolithic-studies firstname lastname (Hits: 1332)
  • Prehistoric Archaeology - Thriving community discussing anything relevant in the field of Prehistoric Archaeology and Physical Anthropology. (Hits: 1450)
  • Rock Art Club - A place to talk about rupestrian art; established in 2000. (Hits: 1555)
  • ROCK-ART - Mailing list devoted to rock art: pertoglyphs, cup-and-ring sites, carvings and rock marks. To join the list send the following email message to join rock-art firstname lastname (Hits: 1330)
  • Scandinavian Archaeology - Group intended to provide a forum for discussions concerning issues within prehistoric and historic archaeology in Scandinavia (Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Iceland and Finland). (Hits: 1360)
  • sci.archaeology - A very active newsgroup. Recent threads have discussed proto-writing in Europe, Sumarian astronomy, Atlantis, Tutankamun, "ancient visitors to North America," Norwegian petroglyphs and potsherds. (Hits: 1299)
  • sci.archaeology.moderated - This is a moderated newsgroup dedicated to the discussion of archaeology, the study of the past through its material culture. It would meet a long-standing demand for a moderated newsgroup for the discussion of archaeology without flames and without postings either based on speculation or of a non-scientific nature that have put many people off in the past. (Hits: 1312)
  • Stone Age Ireland - A moderated forum for the discussion of topics relating to Ireland's stone age. (Hits: 1302)
  • STONES MAILING LIST - This mailing list is a facility for people to take part in a broad and open conversation regarding anything that relates to ancient sites. The term ancient sites in this context covers any type of archaeological site from stone circles and burial mounds to brochs and hill forts, pyramids and Nasca lines. To join the list send a message to with the following on the subject line: SUBSCRIBE (Hits: 1314)
  • WelshStone - A list devoted to Megaliths and pre-historic features in Wales and The Welsh Marches. With photos, Welsh name meanings and a guide to Welsh pronounciation. (Hits: 764)
  • Yahoo Archaeology Club - The first Archaeology group at Yahoo, founded on 1998. Everyone is free to join it, professionals and enthusiasts alike, to discuss any issue that is in any way relevant to archaeology. (Hits: 1416)

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