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  • Adventures in Astroarchaeology - Cosmology is the heart and soul of all cultures. This website provides maps of the heavens and timelines for their motions. (Hits: 1969)
  • Archaeoastronomy - A great deal of information about Archaeoastronomy: ancient sites, discussion of cyclical wonders, almanac pages for worldwide moments of Equinoxes, Solstices and Cross-Quarters, video library. (Hits: 2288)
  • Archaeoastronomy - An ongoing research project into the astronomical significance of megalithic sites in Ireland, including Knowth, Carrowkeel and Loughcrew. With maps and photos. (Hits: 1903)
  • Archaeoastronomy Pages - Website devoted to archaeoastronomy. Includes references, essays, photo galleries, application downloads and bibliography. (Hits: 1055)
  • Archeoastronomia Ligustica (Ligustic Archaeoastronomy) - This website contains an extensive collection of studies about archaeoastronomy and megalitism, rock art, palaeoethnology and archaeology. The researches have been carried mainly in Liguria (Italy). In-depth descriptions and many photographs and drawings, by Mario Codeb˛ and Henry De Santis. Site in English, Italian, French and German. (Hits: 1179)
  • ArkŠoastronomi - Detailed information on archaeoastronomy. In Danish. (Hits: 1560)
  • Astroaborigen - Study of Astronomy in the culture of the Venezuelan ethnic groups. Mainly in spanish but with english resumes. (Hits: 1483)
  • Compass Rose Archaeoastronomy - Burro Flats - An archaeological consulting firm in California. On this website there are photos of Chumash rock art and an animation of the winter solstice light dagger at Burro Flats, as well as John Romani's thesis on the Burro Flats site. (Hits: 1784)
  • Kanayama Megaliths and Solar Calendar - Megalithic monuments do exist also in Japan. On this website you can find extensive information on the Kanayama Megaliths and their astronomical significance. Photos, maps and carefully designed graphs. (Hits: 1767)
  • Megalithformel - According to the geometrical analysis performed by amateur Monika Kruse, the 'megalithic formula' could explain the placement and purpose of megaliths in in the areas of Pustow and in Liepen as well as in several other places outside Mecklenburg-Vorpommern (Germany). In German. (Hits: 1610)
  • Solstice Sunrise - Since 1999 Neil Leacy has recorded with his video camera all the summer solstice sunrises at Stonehenge. (Hits: 1808)
  • There is more between heaven and earth - Description of archaeoastronomy related sites in Europe (Scotland [Maeshowe], Ireland [Newgrange], The Netherlands [hunebedden], Greece [Treasury of Atreus], etc.) (Hits: 1835)

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