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  • Stonehenge Tours  pop  - The Stonehenge Tour Company operates two daily guided tours of Stonehenge and Avebury stone circles. The company also explore the surrounding countryside rich in history and mystery. Special Access tours allow to go beyond the fences and actually touch Stonehenge - a unique experience. (Hits: 3127)
  • Archaeologica: Peak District Archaeological Tours - Offers guided tours of the Peak District of the UK. Tours are themed and all-inclusive. Among them: An Introduction to the Archaeology of the Peak District; Prehistory of the Peak; 10,000 Years in a Day; Stone Circles and Rock Art of the Peak. (Hits: 939)
  • Archaeology Safaris - Archaeology field trips for archaeologists, students, enthusiasts. Archaeology Safaris organises field trips with the aim of raising funds for conducting pre-historic research (in particular the recording of Rock Art) and enabling research expeditions to remoter parts of Europe and North Africa. (Hits: 1221)
  • ArchaeoSpain - ArchaeoSpain offers the opportunity to join an archaeological field crew working at several important excavation sites. No previous experience necessary. (Hits: 1354)
  • Archaeotours - A holiday company operating in Wales, Archaeotours brings you Archaeological and Historical tours, guided by qualified archaeologists. The site includes a small selection of Welsh megalithic sites with info and photos. (Hits: 529)
  • Archeolink prehistory park - Archaeolink prehistory park at Oyne, Aberdeenshire (Scotland). A fascinating new visitor experience in the heart of ancient Aberdeenshire. Beautiful graphics, good info on the park and related subjects, a few photos. (Hits: 1374)
  • British Tours - Personal tours of Britain since 1958 with expert guides, including several tours of Stonehenge. On the website a very nice QTVR movie of Stonehenge at dawn is available. (Hits: 1339)
  • Butser Ancient Farm - Frequently known as the Iron Age Farm: is a replica of the sort of farm which would have existed in the British Iron Age circa 300 BC. (Hits: 1473)
  • Caelum Moor - This site showcases a modern sculptured park of megaliths sculpted by Norm Hines in the mid-eighties near Dallas (USA). The park, dismantled in the 1990s, included several different styles of megaliths, portrayed on this website with many photos and descriptions. (Hits: 1047)
  • Celtic Mystical Journeys - Celtic Mystical Journeys - Company specialized in mystical sacred power sites of Ireland, England, Scotland, France and Sri Lanka, to experience the beauty and mysticism of those ancient sites, first hand. Very pleasant presentation and in-depth info on the tours. (Hits: 1273)
  • Celtic Mystical Tours - Company specialized in mystical sacred sites tours to Ireland, England, Scotland and Sri Lanka, to experience the beauty and mysticism of those ancient sites, first hand. Very pleasant presentation and in-depth info on the tours. (Hits: 1524)
  • Celtic Spiral Tours - A small family owned heritage holiday company based in Pembrokeshire, leading tours to the megalithic sites of West Wales. (Hits: 1218)
  • Dragon's Eye Tours - Dragonís Eye Tours offers a mystical journey of discovery, pilgrimage and magic to sacred sites in the West Country of England and Cornwall including participation in a sacred Druid rite inside Stonehenge (Hits: 524)
  • Earth Mysteries & Sacred Site Tours - International tours (small groups) to places of mystery & ancient sites, exploring sacred sites, earth mysteries, history's mysteries, mythology & more - England, Scotland, Wales, Cornwall, Ireland, France, Greece, Crete, Malta, Switzerland, Norway, Egypt, Italy & more. (Hits: 1519)
  • Five Senses of Scotland - Five Senses is an Orkney-based business with a focus on Stone Age cultural tours, ancient skills and independence in the outdoors. Elegant and clear website with a good collection of Orcadian links. (Hits: 1067)
  • Hunebedcentrum - The Hunebedcentrum in Borger (Holland) is a museum devoted to the ancient Ducth dolmen builders. This website presents extended info about the activities, the location and the news about the museum. There is also a shop section. In Dutch. (Hits: 1019)
  • Interesting Places - Fully catered walks and tours to the lesser known and less accessible megalithic sites of South Wales, as well as trips to Iron-age hill forts, Welsh and Norman castles, battlefields and aircraft crash sites, all using qualified guides. (Hits: 1265)
  • Irish National Heritage Park - This park contains reconstructions of archaeological monuments from various periods. On the website is a concise but clear introduction to Irish archaeology. Among the various events held in the park are demonstrations of "fulacht fiadh" cooking. (Hits: 1284)
  • Legendary Tours - Story-teller Richard Marsh leads small groups on full-day tours, on which Irish myth and legend come to life in a special way "on location" at Stone Age passage tombs, Bronze Age stone circles and dolmens, Iron Age hill forts and ring forts, standing stones, ogham stones, earthworks. (Hits: 1406)
  • Malta Neolithic Temples Specialised Tours - On this website you can find extensive info on a series of specialised tours to the temples and sacred sites of Malta. Packages touring offer 12 interesting sites spread over the two islands of Malta and Gozo. Good quality information and nice images of those 12 sites. (Hits: 829)
  • Megalithomania - Glastonbury's annual stone circle conference at the Assembly Rooms. Debates on the megalithic sciences and ancient earth mysteries. (Hits: 504)
  • Michael Gibbons' Walking Ireland - Walking tours mainly through Connemara (Ireland) led by archaeologist Michael Gibbons. From day-trips to week-long package tours through ancient and unspoilt landscapes. (Hits: 1282)
  • Peter Sommer Travels - Archaeological tours and cruises for small groups around the ancient sites of Turkey and Britain (Hits: 1072)
  • Sacred Britain Tours - Tours, conference and research articles on the sacred sites and crop circles of Britain. (Hits: 605)
  • Sacred Journeys - Sacred tours of the UK and Eire and sacred tours embracing the goddess energies within. Wide range of healing retreats in some of the most enigmatic locations in Celtic mythology. (Hits: 1460)
  • Sacred Sites Tours - They organize tours to the sacred sites of Britain (standing stones and stone sircles, ancient tombs, chalk carvings, sacred wells). It is based in Minneapolis (Minnesota). (Hits: 1474)
  • Sacred Way Tours - Aberdeen,Scotland - Personal tours to sacred places of the past in Aberdeenshire Scotland. Visit Recumbent stone circles, Pictish symbol stones and Bronze age Hill forts. The website presents also a small selections of photos of ancient sites. (Hits: 1122)
  • Scottish Crannog Center - Here you can learn about the the Scottish Crannog Centre and the underwater archaeology at Oakbank Crannog (Loch Tay - Perthshire, Scotland). The Scottish Crannog Centre is a reconstruction of a lochside dwelling over 2,500 years old and was built by the Scottish Trust for Underwater Archaeology (STUA) with the support of many individuals and sponsorship from many organisations. (Hits: 1299)
  • Secret Landscape Tours - Louise Hodgson has spent 35 years studying the sacred places of Britain and now offers tours of some of the most fascinating ancient landscapes in the British Isles, inlcuing Avebury, Stonehenge, Stanton Drew, Bryn Celli Ddu, Men-an-Tol and many others. The website is easy to navigate and there is a balanced mix images and information. (Hits: 454)
  • Shetland Geotours - Shetland Geotours offer guided tours or walks with an emphasis on the diverse geology, landscapes and archaeology of Shetland (Scotland) as well as giving you the chance of close encounters with some wonderful wildlife. (Hits: 594)
  • UK Walking Tours - Walk Awhile specialise in walking tours in Kent, UK. Tours and holidays for walkers of all abilities including walks along the ancient White Cliffs and the Pilgrims Way with the Neolithic megalith Kits Coty. (Hits: 498)
  • Well Within - Sponsors and conducts workshops, conferences, weekend retreats and international tours to mysterious and sacred sites. (Hits: 1444)

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