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5 August 1998
3,000-year-old boat is being brought back home (Dover - England)

After a programme of painstaking recovery and conservation, a 3,000-year-old boat is being brought back from Portsmouth ready for reassembly on a specially- created cradle in a new gallery between Dover Museum and the White Cliffs Experience.
     Since the boat was discovered in a deep water-logged pit during construction of a pedestrian subway under the A20, a programme of painstaking recovery, conservation and display preparation has been carried out, funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund, the English Heritage, the Wolfson Foundation and many other donations from organisations and individuals.
     It will take up to six months to reassemble the 3,000-year-old boat, which was discovered in 1992 by archaeologists working alongside contractors building the new A20 between Dover and Folkestone.
     During much of that time visitors to the museum and the White Cliffs Experience will be able to watch the step-by-step rebuilding of the 32 pieces of the boat by experts from the Canterbury Archaeological Trust, Mary Rose Trust and English Heritage. "This presents a unique opportunity to witness the reassembly of what is believed to have been Britain's first cross-Channel ferry", said Dover Museum Curator, Christine Waterman.

Source: The Dover Bronze Age Boat Trust press release

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