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12 March 1999
Cyprus ancient settlement listed as World Heritage

Cypriot neolithic settlement of Choirokitia has been inducted into the world cultural heritage list by the U.N. Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). Another 29 sites from various states were also incorporated in the list at the annual UNESCO meeting. Currently, a total of 582 archaeological sites from 114 countries were listed as the world cultural heritage.
     Deputy Director of Cyprus' Antiquities Department Pavlos Flourentzo described the Choirokitia neolithic settlement as one of the most important ancient sites in Eastern Mediterranean, which dates back to about 5,800 BCE.
     Choirokitia was founded by a community or primitive farmers, whose origin is uncertain. These people made a livehood by raising livestock, hunting wild animals and trading with neighboring countries.
     In the excavations, which were started by the Cyprus' Antiquities Department in 1936, many primitive agricultural implements, domestic utensils, arrow heads, stone axes and chisels used in carpentry were found. The people lived in "bee-hive" or "Igloo" shaped buildings, with stone foundations, mostly river pebbles, and superstructures of mud or sun-backed mud bricks.

Source: CNN

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