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12 March 1999
First meeting of Stonehenge Steering Group

Creating an environment for the monument at Stonehenge worthy of its status as a World Heritage Site is the top priority for the group given the task of realising the Stonehenge Master Plan, Britain's Culture Secretary Chris Smith said.
     Speaking at the inaugural meeting of the Stonehenge Steering Group which brings together all interested parties - both nationally and locally - behind the common aim of reuniting the monument with its landscape, he said: The first meeting of the Stonehenge Steering Group has shown our joint determination to create a more dignified future for this internationally-renowned site. We all share a common aim to get rid of the present mess. We want to remove all the unsightly modern surroundings from the vicinity of the stones, take away the traffic noise and intrusion, return the stones to the original downland landscape and respect, at the same time, the needs and communities of local residents.
     The next stage in the project will be an exhibition and consultation on the A303 Trunk Road improvements, to take place next month.

Source: DCMS press release

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