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29 April 1999
New lead body to protect English heritage

On 1 April 1999 English Heritage and the Royal Commission on the Historical Monuments of England have been combined to form a lead body for the protection, management and enjoyment of England's historic environment. David Miles, recently appointed Chief Archaeologist of English Heritage, will encompass, alongside archaeological fieldwork and archaeological science, the study of historic buildings and architectural and landscape history.
      Sir Jocelyn Stevens, Chairman of English Heritage, said: "The merged strengths of English Heritage and the Royal Commission will bring great benefits to the nation's heritage. Together we will be able to combine the resources at our disposal to address everything from broad conservation strategies to the detailed evaluation of an historic building or artefact. The enhanced organisation will focus on four key aims: the protection of the historic environment; increased physical and intellectual access to its riches; improved understanding and enjoyment of the built heritage; and the effective management of resources."

Source: English Heritage News

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