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10 June 1999
Saving a Scottish stone ring

Balgarthno stone circle, a little-known site a few miles to the west of Dundee (Scotland) is under threat of having an Asda superstore built on top of it. This is rather ironic, given that Asda illustrate their policy of Permanently Low Prices Forever by carving the slogan on fake concrete standing stones in their superstore entrances.
      The mist rolling in over the stone circle is a wonderful sight says Mrs Wylie, who lives opposite the stones, but the circle has not been well cared for by the council. Every year we have to ring up and ask them to come and cut the grass there.
      Balgarthno Stone Circle, also known as Farm of Corn, is a scheduled ancient monument, and measures 6.1m in diameter. The scheduled area has recently been extended to 40 meters around the site. Although this area is protected, it doesn't prevent development nearby, threatening to turn the circle into an unusual feature of a modern shopping development.
      An archaeologists, Dr Aubrey Burl, commented: I was interested and disappointed, to hear of the proposed fate of the Balgarthno stone circle in Angus. It is not one of the world's finest megalithic rings but it does deserve better than to become an appendage to a supermarket.
      Asda confirmed that they are in discussions with Dundee City Council with regard to developing the site.
Concerned people should write to:

Mike Galloway, Director, Planning Department, Dundee City Council, Tayside House, Crichton Street, Dundee DD1 3RB, Scotland
Paul Lowe, Property Department, Asda Head Office, Asda House, Southbank, Great Wilson Street, Leeds, LS11 5AD, England
Asda Customer relations: paula.higby@asda.co.uk

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