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10 July 1999
Bronze Age tomb discovered in Cyprus

When building a slurry lagoon in an area administered by British forces in Cyprus, some workmen have discovered a Bronze Age tomb full of human skeletons.
      The tomb is composed by two intact chambers and contained 15 human skeletons as well as knives, ancient pottery, necklaces and bronze. A governmente archaeologist said that the find offered a valuable insight into life between 1400 BCE and 1600 BCE. The finds have been taken to a local museum for examination.
      It is a transitional period from the early Bronze Age to the Middle Bronze Age and such finds are rare, said George Flourenzos of the antiquities department. He said the tomb was probably part of a previously unknown ancient necropolis in the southeastern Xylotymbou area of Cyprus.
      The area comes under the jurisdiction of British forces which have had two military bases on Cyprus since the former colony gained independence in 1960.

Sources: CNN News, Reuters (10 June 99)

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