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11 September 1999
A modern obelisk may overshadow a Neolithic henge

Eden District Council (England) has backed a plan to mark the millennium with a 30-tonne granite memorial designed to last for at least another 1,000 years. However, as said by one of the councillors, it would be "cultural vandalism" to place a Christian monument at the proposed site: a field containing the Neolithic Mayburgh henge at Eamont Bridge, near Penrith.
      The 17,500 U.K. Pounds memorial has been devised by the organisers of next summer's millennium festival, part of which will be held at the Henge, and it will be dedicated during the event. It will be made out of a solid block of Shap granite, standing 12ft and weighing 25 to 30 tonnes.
      The organisers say the memorial will last at least another 1,000 years and will be inscribed with symbols and inscriptions highlighting the Christian significance of the millennium.
      The festival company will pay half the cost and once it is wound up, Eden Council will take over ownership of the memorial.
      To help saving the integrity of Mayburgh henge, please e-mail, write or fax to express your concern and ask for information to these people:

* English Heritage, 23 Saville Row, London W1X 1AB England
EH chief archaeologist: David Miles
Jocelyn Stevens' secretary: June.prunty@english-heritage.org.uk
fax (+44) 0171 973 3330
* Eden District Council: Anne Marie Chapel
fax (+44) 01768 890 732.
* Eden Arts: edenarts@aol.com
Nick Jones: Arts development officer
Barbara Slack: Rural projects officer
Sue Allan: Millennium Projects.
* Canon Markham: Bishop of Carlisle, Bishop Ian Harland
Fax (+44) 016974 76550

Sources: Cumberland News (6 August 99), Stones Mailing List, Andy Burnham (16 August 1999)

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