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29 February 2000
Stoney Littleton reopens to the public

Stoney Littleton is a beautiful long barrow that has suffered a long history of repeated vandalism which forced English Heritage to close the access to the site for several years. Now, after a restoration, Stoney Littleton is almost ready to be reopened to the public. Four archaeologists supervised the work carried by Clivedon Conservation Ltd, and dug out part of the floor of the gallery, finding a human toe bone and some potsherds.
      One megalith alongside this area, on the north side of the gallery, is to be left leaning at about 30 degrees but is supported by strong bronze brackets. All external scaffolding and surrounding fence was removed on 23 February. The barrow will have a gate fitted to the entrance by the end of March, and the key will be available at the farm nearby.
      It is possible, however, that the entrance gate will remain locked for a while to watch for 'settlement' of the removed and replaced stones, so it may be some months before a key to the padlock is provided for the public. Of course, now that the restoration work has been done, it is essential that there should be no abuse of the new situation, or the public may find that the place could remain locked for years.

Sources: Pete Glastonbury and Terence Meaden (25 and 27 February, 2000)

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