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31 May 2000
The misplaced monolith and the disappearing sledge

Canon Markham won his appeal, so Eden District Council (England) will have the right to mark the millennium with a 30-tonne granite memorial designed to last for at least another 1,000 years (see Archaeo News no.8). The problem is that this modern monolith will be erected at a field containing the Neolithic Mayburgh henge at Eamont Bridge, near Penrith, compromising its integrity. The 17,500 U.K. Pounds memorial has been devised by the organisers of this summer's millennium festival, part of which will be held at the Henge, and it will be dedicated during the event. It will be made out of a solid block of Shap granite, standing 12ft and will be inscribed with symbols and inscriptions highlighting the Christian significance of the millennium.
      On a lighter side, there are some bad news also for the so-called Stone Project, which involves about 40 volunteers using brawn and primitive technology to move a 3-ton stone from Wales to Stonehenge (a 240-mile journey), re-creating the labor of ancient people who are believed to have built the mysterious monument. The project hit a snag when someone stole the sledge they were using to move the stone; however, it is said that the sledge was recovered later and the journey continues.

Source: The Stones Mailing List (19 and 31 May 2000)

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