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2 July 2000
Waste plan threats Irish ancient site

Archaeology of "national and international importance" has been identified on one of the proposed sites earmarked for landfill in the draft Connacht Waste Management Plan, in Ireland.
      According to a report carried out for Ballydoogan, Kilkrickle and District Heritage Group by archaeologist Mr Jim Higgins "Almost all" of the town land of Ballinahistle in east Galway has evidence of archaeological significance or potential, and any landfill development would cause "substantial damage" to a large number of features. Among these features are a newly discovered souterrain; a ring fort; a ring barrow or mound from the late Bronze or early Iron Age; ritual sites; hilltop burial cairns; holy wells; and two villages.
      Mr P.J. Burke, a spokesman for the heritage group which commissioned the study, has called on the Galway county manager to adhere to the statutory obligations contained in Environmental Protection Agency guidelines, and EU directives on archaeology, in relation to site selection for landfill. The underground passage or souterrain discovered during the survey "could be the next Newgrange", he said.

Source: The Irish Times (29 May 2000)

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