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28 September 2001
Bronze Age tombs unearthed in Lebanon

Nineteen ancient tombs dating back to the Bronze Age have been uncovered in old Sidon (Lebanon) by a team of British archaeologists.
      Experts from the British Museum and the Culture Ministry's Directorate-General of Antiquities (DGA) have been working at the site for three years before discovering the tombs, which date between 4000-2000 BCE. The head of the DGA, Frederic Husseini, said the findings were important because they can "help restore knowledge of the past history of Sidon which has been lost for years." The director of the British Museum for the Near East, and head of the archeological expedition, Claude Doumit Serhal explained the current team is made up of seven archaeologists from the British Museum, assisted by 10 archaeology students from the Lebanese University. She said more students and volunteer workers would be needed to form a permanent team to investigate the site, due to the wealth of information.

Source: Daily Star (12 September 2001)

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