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22 October 2001
Irish Bronze Age trove found at sewage site

A sewage scheme in Co Limerick (Ireland) has unearthed a rich vein of archaeological treasures. The scheme, at Castleconnell on the banks of the River Shannon, has yielded a range and density of finds. The finds indicate there has been human activity there for thousands of years according to archaeologists.
      To date, four fulachta faidh (ancient cooking places), three hut sites, a furnace and four human burial sites as well as nine other pits have been excavated.
      According to a spokesman for Limerick County Council's archaeological unit all of these are tentatively dated to the early Bronze Age, spanning from 5,000 BCE to 1,500 BCE. Charcoal samples have been sent for analysis and the results will clarify the date range. Numerous artefacts have also been found including over 100 pieces of worked flint, 10 stone axes and a fragment of a rotary quern.
      Three locations along the route of a pipeline were archaeologically tested in advance of the work being carried out. At one of these sites, Hermitage, the farm of Mr P Moran, significant remains were uncovered and Aegis Archaeology Limited are currently excavating this area.

Source: The Irish Times (28 September 2001)

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