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28 November 2001
Dolphin skull discovered at site of Miami circle

A dolphin skull has been discovered at Miami's (USA) mysterious stone Indian ruins. Officials said it is the first such discovery at an archaeological site outside the Pacific Northwest.
      The animal remains were laid upon an east-west axis in the Miami Circle. An archaeologist put the skull together from 100 parts found in the ruins; the scientists said it was nestled among the remains of a shark and a sea turtle. From the way the findings were aligned, archaeologists said they believe they were significant and could possibly have been made as a spiritual offering.
      Officials believe Tequesta Indians along the Miami River used the circle as a trading post. The state and Miami-Dade County purchased the 2.2-acre property after the circle was discovered in 1998.
      Archaeologists say Tequesta Indians carved the 38-foot circle into limestone 2,000 years ago. They believe it was the base of a large building, but are not sure what its purpose was.

Source: Associated Press/MSN (22 November 2001)

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