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28 November 2001
1,470 ancient tombs found in Central China

Chinese archaeologists have found over 1,470 ancient tombs dating back over 3,000 years near Zhengzhou, capital of central China's Henan Province. More than 100 pieces of bronzeware and over 3,000 pieces of earthenware have been found in the tombs which were uncovered during work to build the Zhengzhou High-Technology Development Zone in the last two years.
      Some 70 of the tombs belonged to aristocrats of the Western Zhou Dynasty, which stretched from 1046 BCE to 771 BCE, Xinhua said. It said about 700 tombs date from the Eastern Zhou Dynasty - or 770 BCE-256 BCE - and 700 graves were from the Warring States Period, 475 BCE-221 BCE The bronzewares include three-legged tripods and four-legged cauldrons, deep circular vessels with two or four handles, used as containers for grain, and cups used for drinking or warming wine.
      According to the archeologists, the presence of so many tombs from these dynasties in the Zhengzhou area is remarkable, as Zhengzhou is famous for its Shang Dynasty (16th century BCE-11th century BCE) culture. In the Waliu Ruins in the development zone alone, over 700 tombs dating from the Warring States Period have been discovered. Most of them are small, with the largest being 3.5 meters long and 2.3 meters wide.

Source: Guardian Unlimited (18 October 2001)

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