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26 May 2003
What was on the menu seven millenia ago

A group of Slovak archaeologists aims to find out what the nation's forefathers ate 7,000 years ago as part of their research at a historical site in western Slovakia.
     Archaeologists participating in the project are carrying out their research in the village of Zemberovce near Levice in western Slovakia. Archaeologist Mário Bielik told that his team would examine artifacts from the site for traces of food. "In the middle of the site there is a pit from which our ancestors extracted clay. Right next to the pit they would have built their huts. We also found the remains of containers that were probably used for storing food and grain. We have taken a lot of samples to find out what people ate here seven thousand years ago." Bielik said.

Source: The Slovak Spectator (19 May 2003)

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