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3 June 2003
Prehistoric site discovered in Pakistan

A Bahauddin Zakariya University archaeologist has discovered a prehistoric site at Vohawa in Dera Ghazi Khan (Pakistan). The discoverer, Zubair Shafi Ghauri, is doing research on "Early and mature Harappan settlements along the dry bed of Bias." The site he found is called Bugiwala and lies in Basti Kutani, some 4km away from the ruins of Dhera in Mauza Dagarwali.
     The ruins of Dhera are already on the list of Pakistan's Federal Archaeological Department and they date back to a period around 5.000 BCE. The pottery found in the ruins is identical to that found in Mehargarh in Balochistan.
     Mr Ghauri said many of the pieces of pots he found in Bugiwala are similar to the pottery found in the Hakarra archaeological sites (2.800-3.500 BCE) but their inner texture and work are different. What made the Bugiwala site more interesting is that there some pottery pieces of "Quetta wet-ware" and Kot Diji period were found as well. The discoverer however said that it had yet to be determined if Bugiwala and Dhera were separate sites, as the findings in Bugiwala are different from those found in Dhera.

Source: Dawn Internet Edition (28 May 2003)

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