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18 June 2003
Mapping ancient sites on the Emirates

Abu Dhabi Islands Archaeological Survey (Adias) has just completed mapping of known sites on the island and more than 40 archaeological sites or groups of sites have now been identified on Marawah (United Arab Emirates). In one area alone, Site MR-9, around 160 individual fire-pits or hearths have been found. This is one of the highest concentrations of archaeological sites anywhere in the UAE. One of the sites on the island, MR-1, has produced the oldest dates yet recorded by the country, going back to over 7,000 years ago. There are other sites from the Bronze Age, the Iron Age, the late pre-Islamic period and the Islamic period, covering the whole span of human occupation of the Emirates.
      During the Adias survey, a number of previous unrecognised sites were discovered. These included an important fragment of pottery from the late Stone Age, of a type made in southern Iraq near Tell Al-'Ubaid, manufactured around 7,000 years ago, said Dr Mark Beech, Adias' Senior Resident Archaeologist. He added: "Ubaid pottery has also been found on three other Abu Dhabi islands, Dalma, Ghagha and Al Aryam, and in  Northern Emirates, and provides early evidence of the UAE's tradition of maritime trade."

Source: Gulf News (11 June 2003)

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