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29 June 2003
Hull’s archaeological heritage at risk

Local people, city archaeologists and councillors are concerned that plans to build 105 homes at Castle Grange, Hull (England) could mean the loss of Bronze Age relics and a suspected 4,000 year old farmstead. The site was purchased by Persimmon Homes in 1989, before the introduction of the statutory requirement for an archaeological survey.
     David Evans, of Hull-based Humber Archaeology, said that the Castle Grange area was “potentially rich” in Bronze Age material. “There is evidence of Bronze Age living in the area as it stretches out towards the fens, as well as what may be an Iron Age farmstead. Throughout the planning application we tried to get a condition applied which would, in normal circumstances, allow for an archaeological survey to be carried out. But there’s nothing we can do as Persimmon acquired the site for building when such conditions did not exist.” Humber Archaeology have received a number of calls from local residents expressing concern that the site’s archaeology and historical artifacts are likely to be lost, and local councillors are calling on English Heritage for an investigation.
     In response to local concern, Persimmon Homes have stated that an archaeological investigation had been carried out on behalf of Hull City Council, who had been advised that a full archaeological survey was unnecessary.

Source: Hull Daily Mail (21 June 2003)

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