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19 July 2003
Stone age axe found in Lomonds

Michael Kelly, a local film-maker, was scouting locations at the foot of the Lomond Hills (Scotland) when he stumbled upon the rare example of Fife's stone age past. Kelly spotted the piece in a field which had just been prepared for planting. He said: "It was just lying on the ground. I don't know if it was dug up by the plough, or if it's been there for years waiting for someone to come along and find it."
     Fife Council archaeologist Douglas Speirs said the find was significant. "These things are exceptionally rare and this is of particularly high quality. It's likely that this particular axe was a high-status object and might have been ceremonial in its use; but there's also a possibility that it was imported. There's a crop growing in the field at the present time, but when it's ploughed we may find further evidence."
     It's long been known that the area that became Glenrothes was inhabited by people in ancient times, and the Balfarg and Balbirnie stone circles are regarded as nationally important monuments. But the axehead is thought to pre-date even those. It will now go to Edinburgh for further examination by experts and will eventually be offered to museums.

Source: Fife On-Line (17 July 2003)

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