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20 July 2003
British comedian has his own standing stone

British comedian Billy Connolly has erected a 3-ton, 9-foot-high standing stone at his home in Straitdon, Aberdeenshire (Scotland).
     The lump of Caithness granite at Candacraig House is inscribed with Connolly’s favourite saying, ‘There’s no such thing as normal.’
     The Glasgow-born comic has had an enduring passion for standing stones, and was filmed dancing naked around an Orkney ring of stones during a televised tour of Scotland.
     The stone’s inscription was carved by hand by Martin Cook, who travelled to Wick to select the stone, and then to Straithdon to help position it.
     "The carving took the best part of a week", Martin said. "Then it was transported to Billy’s place and we fixed it on to a concrete foundation. With the help of the gardeners and anyone else around, we hoisted it into place with ropes."
     The stone stands discreetly at the foot of a mound in the 12 acres of ground.

Source: dailyrecord.co.uk (7 July 2003)

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