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6 August 2003
Prehistoric Scottish artefacts on display

A new exhibition is showcasing prehistoric artefacts that have not been seen in public in West Lothian for over 5000 years. Monuments in a Landscape Objects from Cairnpapple was officially opened in Broxburn Library (Scotland) last week. The display show artefacts on loan from the National Museums of Scotland (NMS), some of which have never been on public view in West Lothian since they were discovered.
     Councillor Bert Gamble, West Lothian Council spokesman on Arts and Culture, said: "It's a history that's never been shown before, and it raises the cultural profile of West Lothian."
     The display has been organised by West Lothian Council Museums Service, in partnership with the Archaeology Department of the NMS and Historic Scotland. Some of the objects on show will go to the Cairnpapple Hill visitor centre after the exhibition.
     Cairnpapple is recognised as one of Scotland's most important prehistoric sites. The hill was used as a funeral site at various times, beginning from the neolithic period around 2800 BC, through the Bronze and early Iron Ages, to early Christian times around 400 AD. The Objects from Cairnpapple exhibition runs until November 8, in Broxburn Library, West Main Street, during library opening hours.

Source: West Lothian Courier (4 August 2003)

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