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15 August 2003
Arsonists destroy building at dig site

Arsonists have destroyed the site headquarters of a major archeological dig in Oxfordshire (England). The temporary building was set up next to Castle Hill, the site of an Iron Age fort at Wittenham Clumps -- where archaeologists are carrying out the first excavation of one of the two beech-capped hills at Little Wittenham.
     Hugo Lamdin-Whymark, an Oxford Archaeology project officer, said the cabin was mainly used as a tea room and office for archaeologists and volunteers, who are excavating trenches at the hill fort site. The fire happened between 5pm on Tuesday and 8am on August 13, when the smouldering remains of the building were discovered by a warden at the Northmoor Trust, which owns the Clumps. Firefighters from Didcot attended. Ian Rowland-Hill, chief executive of the Northmoor Trust, described the fires as "wanton vandalism".

Source: thisisoxfordshire.co.uk (14 August 2003)

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